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  1. Default August 2013: Friends US Road Trip

    Hi All,
    Three friends and I are planning a road trip to the US in August 2013, lasting 2 weeks in total. We have an idea of where we would like to visit which i will outline below; it would be great to hear your thoughts on the itinerary in terms on timing, locations, things to do/things to see or any alternatives you might suggest:

    • Fly into Last Vegas, rent a vehicle (SUV style)
    • Drive to Grand Canyon National Park (1 night)
    • Drive back to Vegas (2 nights)
    • Drive to Death Valley
    • Drive to Yosemite National Park (1 night)
    • Drive to San Francisco (2 nights)
    • Flexible; move up/down the West Coast (to be finalised) – Los Angeles etc

    Any suggestions to the itinerary including some additional places to stop/stay over/visit during the trip would be great to hear as well as thoughts on overall route etc

    Great forum and website.



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    Welcome to the rta forum!

    I think your basic outline is very good, although you might consider a couple of tweeks. You might want to make this a complete loop and end back in vegas to save you significant extra fees for car rental and airfare. If you did that, you'd want to wait until the end of your trip for the grand canyon - after la but before you return to vegas.

    I'd also say you will want a night either in dv or between there and yosemite. Also plan for at least 1 or 2 nights on the coast between sf and la.

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    Thanks a lot for your advice, very helpful and great point about returning to vegas to drop off the car hire.
    Question; in terms of staying over and activities/sites to see, what can be done in DV, Yosemite or between the two? in terms of accommodation what would you recommend when moving between Yosemite, DV etc?

    Thanks again,


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    Default It will be HOT!

    Death Valley will be very hot at that time of the year, but the scenery is spectacular. Provided you are well equiped with hats/parasols, sunscreen and drinking water, you can leave the vehicle for brief visits to places like Dante's View, Devil's Golfcourse, Artists Pallet, Badwater and more. Badwater is the lowest point in North America, well below sea level. It was May when I visited, but I left the engine and the aircon running for my short sprints out of the car.

    Even just driving through Death Valley is rewarding.

    When you enter Yosemite you will be given a map and information publications. Take a moment to read them. It is a huge place, and spectacular. The drive up to Glacier Point should not be missed, for a magnificent view of the Valley.


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    Thank you Lifey!

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