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    I am new to this. This disabled vet (me). Needs advice on a bucket list road trip from savannah to Santa Fe. I would like to take the old route 80. From savannah to Santa Fe. No interstate highway. All the stuff I see routes me to the interstate is there an app or. Something I can purchase to better assist me. I have travelled the old 66from Chicago with plenty of DVDs and step by step advice but I can't seem to find much about route 80. I would certainly appreciate help if available. Oh I did read Jansens book on road trips but it was not definitive enough for me. Are there any vets out there who can help with advice thank you so much. F4drvr

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    As with US-66, the Lincoln Highway, and many of the other historic transcontinental routes, US-80 was largely replaced by the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, better known simply as the Interstates. And since mostly that happened before the advent of computer-based mapping routines, those routines either don't know about the old roads or consider them slower or otherwise less desirable. So if you want to follow one of the old highways you're going to have to do it old style, using paper maps. A good atlas should allow you to follow the current (or past) alignment of US-80 as long as you bring a bit of knowledge of its history to the task. Even with a rough knowledge of the towns it traversed you should have little problem following the old roadbed.

    There are also a few, quite definitive, descriptions of some sections of the old alignment online such as for Arizona and California, but I think you'd enjoy this more as a journey of discovery and surprise rather than just following someone else's step by step instructions.


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