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  1. Default Driving u-haul from Montana to Ohio

    I am going to be moving and plan on driving the u-haul instead of paying someone else. My concern is the weather as I will be doing this at the end of January. I'm moving from Western Montana to Cincinnati. Any suggestions?

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    All we can really say about the weather is that you can't predict it more than a couple days in advance, so there is no way of knowing what you might see a month from now.

    Depending upon where in "Western MT" you are starting from, you'll likely have several options to pick from. I-94 or I-90 across the Dakotas, or use I-25 to work down to I-80 or I-70 (or a combination of those routes). Take a look at the forecasts just before you leave, and decide which route looks like it will have the best weather (and it is entirely possible that a more northern option will be best).

    With any of those routes you're looking at an 1800-2000 mile trip, and you should plan on this trip taking about 3.5 days. I will also say if you look at using I-94, I-90, or I-80, I would try to avoid Chicago by using I-74 - via I-39 if you come across Minnesota and Wisconsin, or directly from I-80 if you come across Iowa.

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    Default Keep Time in Hand and Watch the Weather

    Whichever route you choose, and Michael has laid out the best options, your best way to avoid bad weather once on the road is to have an extra day or so in hand so that you can simply sit out any storm in the comfort of a warm motel room. Let the road crews get the highway back in shape for you to drive, and only then proceed with your journey. The Interstates are the nation's commercial arteries and are kept open when other roads aren't, but even they become unsafe in the worst of weather conditions. So it is incumbent on you to know what's in store, what your own limits are, and when it's best to simply not try to press on into worsening conditions.


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