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    I always wanted to see the Great Lakes, especially Lake Erie. I was thinking of driving up there during Christmas week (from NJ). I just wanted to know if this was advisable. Has anyone been there this time of year? Do you know if the Lake itself will be open? Will it be too cold? Is there anything else to see besides the Lake itself?

    Thanks much for any help you can offer.

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    Default Things to Do on Lake Erie

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    Certainly the lake will be 'open', and there are plenty of things to do on both the lake and shore. You can start with the very under-rated city, Cleveland and its Cuyahoga Valley National Park, world-class Natural History Museum, and the unique Rock and Roll Museum. If you're a professional football fan, there's also the nearby Hall of Fame in Canton. As for the lake itself, the Bass Islands off shore from Sandusky offer a respite from the urban cacophony and are reachable by ferry between Catawba and Put-in-Bay throughout the winter. If you have particular interests, we might be able to offer more specific advice.


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    Thanks for the advice. But I think I should have made myself more clear since I am coming form the east (NJ) I thought the nearest city for me to see the great lakes was Erie, PA. If I was wrong in this assumption and there is a better city closer please let me know.

    My particular interests are sight seeing of natural beauty, the lake itself must be quiet a sight, and some indoor attractions like the Natural History Museum that you mentioned.

    Thanks again for your help, this is my first time to the great lakes so anything you offer is greatly appreciated.

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    If you are only looking for the shortest drive, From most points in Jersey, Buffalo would actually be the closest major city located on Lake Erie. From there, you could also easily see Lake Ontario too, I suppose. For that matter, if you just want to see a Great Lake, the south side of Lake Ontario (ie Rochester, or Oswego NY) would be even closer.

    But I think the bigger question is what are you expecting? The Great Lakes are impressively large bodies of water - and for those of us thousands of miles from an Ocean, that's especially true. However, when you ask "will the lake itself be open?" I'm really curious as to what you are looking for. The question is basically like asking, "Is the ocean open?"
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    I don't think it would take you any longer to get to Cleveland than it would Erie. Cleveland is a straight shot out I-80, to get to Erie you either have to take I-79 north off I-80 or take NY-17/I-86 across southern NY state. Buffalo/Niagara Falls is also an option.

    Note that the whole stretch between Cleveland and Buffalo is very subject to lake effect snow. Keep a close eye on the forecasts and conditions.

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    Thanks all for the advice. I really like to see Presque Isle State Park so I think I am set on Erie. The only question I have left is shall I go now or wait till the weather is a bit warmer.

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