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    Mi name is Hernan and we are from Caracas Venezuela. My future wife and I want to make a roadtrip around USA for our honeymoon, and we appreciate all the help that we can provide.

    First The Route:
    1.- Miami to Atlanta with a stop to sleep in a town after Jacksonville
    2.- Atlanta to Washington DC, with a stop in a town in North Carolina for sleep
    3.- Washington to New York
    4.- New York to Niagara Falls
    5.- Niagara Falls to Chicago, sleep in a town in the route
    6.- Chicago to Colorado, using the famous Route 66 and slee in some place in the route
    7.- Colorado to Napa, sleep in the route
    8.- Napa, San Francisco, Los Angeles for a few days
    9.- Los Angeles to Las Vegas
    10.- Las Vegas to Grand Canyon
    11.- Grand Canyon to Houston, sleep in the route
    12.- Houston to New Orleans
    12.- New Orleans to Tampa
    13.- Tampa to Miami

    We are waiting for all the tips that can help us in this trip.

    Thanks and best regards to all


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How long have you got for the trip overall ? Your pace looks a little to fast in places, especially for a honeymoon ! For example, to get from Chicago to Napa in 4 days will be 4 days of solid driving with only a little time for rest breaks and to eat and sleep, with perhaps a couple of hours in the evening to unwind. You will be going through some of the worlds most scenic places between Colorado and Napa on this journey, with no time to explore them. Route 66 was decommissioned many years ago and only small sections of the original route remain, but it doest not go to Colorado. The same goes for your journey back, long hours behind the wheel without much time getting to discover the USA.

    Much depends on your goals for the trip, but other than a "few days" on the west coast you are on the go for the most part. Sometimes less is mor and personally speaking I think this looks way too much for a honeymoon.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I see some potential issues with your plan, and it appears you may be underestimating just how far apart things are in the Western US.

    Route 66 hasn't officially been a highway for more than 25 years now, and even when it did, it never went to Colorado. There are sections of the old road (typically labeled "Historic 66," but you'd likely be better off exploring them in Arizona and New Mexico.

    Colorado alone is a huge place, and you'll have to decide what parts of it you want to see. It would be a long 2 days to drive to Denver from Chicago, and 2 very long days to get from Denver to Napa. You wouldn't really have time to see much anything other than a freeway with just 1 overnight stop on those legs.

    Los Angeles is a full day drive away from San Francisco/Napa, and 2 full days if you drive along the scenic coast highway. I wouldn't lump these areas together, as they are very different.

    The Grand Canyon to Houston is another one where it would be 2 very long days, and you'd need a second overnight stop if you want to explore Route 66 or anything else along the way.

    If you want more "help," we really would need to know how much time you have for this trip, what kinds of things you are looking to do, and really what things you are looking for help with.

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    Thanks for your answers Southwest Dave and Midwest Michael. We are going to be from February 26 to April 08, in total 41 days. Everything we have planned so far has been with the help of Google Maps which gives time and mileage between one city to another.

    I thought of staying two days in each city and when the route between them would be very long to make one stop only for sleep, what you think?. In Colorado we have thought to go to Loveland, seem good choice?. Did not know that route 66 no longer existed and attracted our attention by the mythical being.



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    It completely depends upon what you want out of your trip.

    Right now, your trip is focused almost exclusively on cities - which is fine, if that's what you want to see. However, if you are interested in all of the natural wonders of the US, with the exception of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, you haven't given yourself really any time for them.

    Google maps is fine for some of your planning - although at early stages, I think using paper maps actually gives you a much better feel for where you'll be traveling, and what you'd be driving by. The bigger thing is that the travel time estimates do not factor in any times for stops - even basic ones for food and fuel. As has been mentioned, you would have time to do all of those drives as you've listed, but with most of them, you would not have time to do any exploring along the way.

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    Default So much more.

    Your round trip will take approximately 16 days of driving for 9-10 hours a day, so with 41 days in total you do have time to sight see along the way. You should decide on how to split your time up based upon your interests, you will have occasion when you may want to spend a full day on the road and at another time just spend a couple of hours on the road, some days non at all. You can certainly mix things up to get the best out of your trip, rather than heading from City to City, unless thats what you want to do of course, and if so thats great !

    It's all about getting the balance right for your tastes, but I think it's time for you to look deeper into your planning and see what interests you between those Cities. You might decide that in places you want to break your journey into smaller segments and enjoy more places along your route. You could easily spend 4 or 5 days in Colorado and Southerrn Utah visiting National parks and Monuments and driving scenic byways, [or anywhere to be honest] but it might not be for you.

    As Michael mentioned, it depends on what you want from the trip and that's all that matters. I would recommend getting a good paper map of the USA and continue to read around the forums and trip planning resources in the tool bars above where you will get a much clearer picture of what the US can offer. As you move on with your planning keep asking questions as and when you need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hernypecas View Post
    We are going to be from February 26 to April 08, in total 41 days. Everything we have planned so far has been with the help of Google Maps which gives time and mileage between one city to another.
    How many miles did gogle maps say your total mileage for the trip would be?

    It is about 3,200 miles coast to coast. So taking your 41 days and dividing 6,400 miles is 156 miles a day.

    Also a lot of roads can be closed due to snow in the winter and you could waste some days being snowed in. It would be better if you could go during the warmer half of the year. Many parks close in the winter.
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