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  1. Default Road Trip in December from San Francisco to Minneapolis.

    My wife & I are planning to drive from San Francisco in December. We did the reverse trip in summer and had great fun. I am not sure if we will encounter snow en-route. We plan to drive our Toyota Prius. I will really appreciate any suggestions, advice whether this is do-able or is this going to be foolhardy in this time of the year. Thanks much in advance.

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    Default Flexibility and One Minor Adjustment

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    The thing to keep in mind is that people make similar, and worse, drives every day of every winter season. There's no reason to think that you won't be able to complete your journey safely if you take a couple of simple precautions and remain flexible.

    The main bit to keep in mind as you plan is that the Interstates receive first priority on being kept clear and operating, so plan your drive for the most direct all-Interstate route available. In this case that would be a straight shop on I-80 to Des Moines and then I-35 up to the Twin Cities. This adds a few miles to the most direct route, but makes for a much safer journey than trying to go cross country over the Laramie Mountains and through the Black Hills

    But even with a route that follows the best roads, you'll have to be ready to alter your plans in the event of bad weather. As you head east keep an eye on the reports and if a snow storm or other problem should be headed your way be prepared to just hole up in a nice warm motel while it rages and then let the road crews do there work before you head back out. Normally, the trip you're looking at should take a bit less than four days to complete with modest effort. If you make five days available for the trip you should be in shape to handle anything nature can throw at you (by simply ducking it) and if the weather cooperates, you'll be home a day early.


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