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    My boyfriend and I are moving down to Omaha, and are driving our stuff down in 2 days, through Chicago, a few days after Christmas (unfortunately, we can't be flexible on our dates). We've done this drive before, but only in the summer. Is there anything we should be on the lookout for, safety/weather/awesome things wise? I assume driving during light hours is preferable-- any other tips?

    Thank you!!

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    You should be able to make this drive without any greater difficulties than in the past assuming that the weather cooperates. Yes, the days will be shorter, meaning that to make it in two days, at least a little driving will have to be in the dark, but putting in a half hour before sunrise and an hour or so after sunset should not be too hard and should not interfere with getting a good night's sleep. The problems, if any, will come if snow, sleet, or ice show up along your route during your drive. If that happens, your only options are to either sit out the storm and wait for the roads to be cleared or to drive around the storm. Either of those will probably add a third day to your travel plans. Do not succumb to the disease know as 'get-home-itis' and press on into conditions that your brain, gut, and heart are all telling you are beyond the capabilities of you and your machine. If this means you arrive in Omaha a day later than planned, so be it. You'll still arrive in Omaha.


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