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    Myself and three friends are planning on traveling from LA to New York in early September of next year for about 3 weeks. I was wondering the best way to go about getting a car. Would just straight out hiring one be best or should i look into driving someones car from one side to the other?

    Any help would be much appreciated - thank you!

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    Default A Rapidly Disappearing Option

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, the option to drive someone else's car is rapidly joining the horse and buggy as a viable way to get somewhere cross country. While there used to be a few "drive away" companies that would match cars that needed to be transported with people willing and eager to drive them, a number of poor experiences (including my own) have forced such companies to hire only bonded and insured professional drivers. I recently did a web search for any company that still used amateurs and could find none. I'm afraid that if you don't have your own car, and can't borrow one from a friend or relative, then renting one is your only option.


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    Default Drive Away.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    There are companies which organise for you to be able to drive another person's vehicle across country. However, they typically specify 9 - 10 days, for a trip from LA to NYC. To learn more about how this works, you may like to check out this thread.

    For availability of cars, here is the list, updated regularly.


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    Default Rent

    Given your parameters, you are most likely better off renting a car instead of dealing with the "drive away" business.
    Be aware that if you are under 25 you will have to pay an extra fee when renting a car.


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