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    Default 9 Day Solo Western Roadtrip after Memorial Day Weekend

    I'm starting to plan a early Summer road trip to take place after Memorial Day weekend. I am anticipating driving less than 400 miles per day, and a budget of at least $200 per day for fuel, food, and lodging. My car gets 300 miles per tankful city.

    My plan is to start from Sacramento, and take US-50 to Ely, Nevada with a gas stop in Carson City. From there, take I-70 to Grand Junction, then get over to Colorado Springs. I really want to see I-70, Mount Evans, and Pike's Peak. From there, head home via Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.

    Any suggestion?

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    Default So much to see.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    What sort of suggestions are you after? What are your interests and goals for the trip? Driving 400 miles a day is quite reasonable, and the route you describe would probably leave you a couple of 'free' days to do what you want with. The point is that while you can drive 400 miles a day, you will be driving near to some amazing attractions, like Zion and Bryce canyon, Arches and Canyonlands, Colorado National monument, Rocky Mountain NP, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the winds, not to mention many scenic Byways and Highways, and that's before you get out of the Colorado Springs area.

    If you are planning on driving up Mt Evans and Pikes Peak that could easily take up your 2 days and with 'only' driving 7 to 8 hours a day it will give you a little time to make a quick visit to some places that appeal to you. Although personally I would consider leaving Idaho and Oregon for another trip and take your time getting to Colorado Springs and take a slightly different route home as there is just so much to see and do, but as I metioned at the start, it's your goals that matter.

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    I would think with a full tank of gas you should be able to make Fallon easily (200 miles); Carson City is a little early to top up. Then again, your automated gas warning system (mine is called "Linda") may get nervous when you dip below 1/2 full.

    Fallon is a decent-sized town... past that the pickings get slimmer.

    Ely (450 miles) is pushing your 400-mile-per day plan; Eureka (375 miles) would fit better, but the lodging options are more limited. There is a decent, if otherwise unremarkable Best Western. I have no other experience with lodging in Eureka.

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    The Eureka Best Western is overpriced and overrated, and the other hotels in that tiny town are worse. Ely has a much better selection at more reasonable prices. The "hotels" in Austin are glorified double wide trailers butted together. Gas in Austin and Eureka is about $1 more than in Fallon and Ely.

    What I'm saying is - get everything you need in Fallon and don't count on anything till you reach Ely. 257 miles, you can do that in 4 to 5 hours. Except through Austin, Eureka, and over the passes, the speed limit is 70.

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    My goal is to drive and be by myself for a few days. The US-50 and I-70 are high on my list, but after that, it's up to the winds.

    If gas prices are about the same as Carson City/Reno as in Fallon, then I might as well fill up in Fallon. One rule of thumb that I am keeping in mind is that there were be major distances between gas stations.

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    There is no significant savings in CC/Reno over Fallon unless you go to Costco.

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    If you have a smartphone, download the Gas Buddy app if you haven't already. It DOES list Costco gas prices. That's a great app!


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