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  1. Default Los Angeles to Las Vegas Christmas morning - traffic/weather?

    We will be driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles on Christmas (a Tuesday) morning:
    1. What time in the morning is best to leave?
    2. Would there be more traffic than a non-holiday or less?
    3. Would there likely be rain/snow on the way?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The actual morning of Christmas you should see relatively light traffic no matter what time you leave.

    As far as weather, snow would be fairly unlikely and it isn't a route that sees much rain (it is the desert after all), but its completely impossible to tell you what you might see on one specific day a month from now.

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    You've got about a 5 or 6 hour drive between the two, depending on traffic.

    1) That depends on you personally, but if it were me, I'd leave EARLY in the morning just to be in Las Vegas at a reasonable hour of the day (i.e. in time for lunch). You could stop in Barstow and catch a light breakfast.

    2) Traffic will likely be light ON Christmas Day. However, the day before or even the weekend before may be heavier. CalTrans keeps adding lanes on I-15 to try to cover the steady flow between the two cities.

    3) Check the forecast ahead of time. There isn't likely to be much in the line of snow unless the snow level is down to 4000 ft (elevation of Cajon Pass and the one between Baker and State Line). Rain...could be, but as Michael mentioned, it IS the desert. Rainy season is usually Aug-Sept.


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