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    Hi all-

    We have to drive from Billings, Montana to Orlando, Florida starting in a couple of weeks and I'm concerned because I only have a very short time to arrive at my destination and I know it's already snowing in some areas. My departure will be approximately 7pm on a Thursday night and I must arrive Orlando before 6am on the following Sunday... We've made this drive many times before, (Going the popular route of South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, then Florida) but I've had more time to get there. This time I'm the only one who will be driving as well. Does anyone have a best suggested Wintertime route or tips to safely get us to our destination on time??

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    Default one word: Fly

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    If I'm understanding your plan correctly of leaving on a Thursday night and trying to arrive by early Sunday, then you simply don't have nearly enough time to drive. You need a minimum of 4-5 days to make this trip safely, and you'd be giving yourself less than 2.5. Even driving non-stop, you'd likely not have enough hours in the days, and obviously that's not safe or reasonable. If this is what you are thinking, then you need to fly, or add a minimum of 2 days to your trip plans.

    Now, if by "the following Sunday" you mean you've got about 9 days, then that's another story....

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    I'll also point out that a departure time of 7 PM for a normal dayshift person is also a recipe for disaster. If that day's drive is much beyond 3 to 5 hrs it's hazardous.

    Google maps say this trip is 2256 miles. Averaging 55 mph (for gas & meals & weather) gives 41 hrs of driving. That's 4 long days.

    Trip is a bad idea. If you are military, your leadership will disapprove the plan and do it for your own safety.

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