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    We are 3 guys (from Scotland) looking to road trip across America for 2 months ( July and August 2013) and are looking at what you do about getting a hold of a car. We are thinking of buying one in Boston and was wondering what the best way of going about this is or whether we should look into doing it a different way.

    Also if there are any attractions/events that are weird and wonderful during this time we would like to hear about them!

    Hope you can help and we look forward to your replies,


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Buying a car would not be a very good option for this trip.

    The biggest thing is that it is extremely difficult for a non-resident to purchase, and then register, license, and insure the car. This is even more difficult if you are a short term visitor, who isn't traveling on a full tourist visa.

    The other thing is that for a 2 month trip, buying a car likely isn't cost effective anyway. When you factor in all the costs of owning a car, including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and the amount of money you'll lose by buying at retail and selling at wholesale, buying a car is not really a cheap way to travel.

    Renting a car may seem more expensive up front, but in the end, the costs should be about the same. Plus you'll get a nearly new car for your trip and you won't be wasting days of your valuable time dealing with the work needed for a car's purchase, paperwork, and sale.

    One suggestion, however, if you do rent a car, you might consider doing a loop trip where you start and end in the same city. That will likely save you quite a bit of money by eliminating the one way fee. With 2 months, you should have time for a loop without being rushed.

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    Default Furthermore....

    Would have to agree with all of Michael's advice. On top of that, you need to consider that should you have a breakdown or mishap in a rental car, the company will replace it without delay. If it is your own car, you could be off the road for a days. For two months, it's just not worth it.

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    I'd have to vote in line with Michael and Lifey on this one. For two months it just doesn't seem cost effective or worth the risk of having some form of mechanical breakdown.

    As far as other suggestions - do you currently have a route planned (even somewhat), or is the route only the endpoints at this time?

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