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    Default Nashville to LA, no time limit, limited funds

    So, me and my fiance have recently come into a bit of a struggle. A bunch of negative things have been happening in our life and we have made the decision to go/move to Southern California. Just up and going, selling all of our things, and getting the heck outta dodge (for lack of a better term). We are both pretty free spirited people, very humble, and just happy to be alive. He is a musician. I am...well what am i not, lol. So we've yet to look into the exact route we want to take, we went last night to buy an atlas but with all the selling and moving going on finding time to sit down and discuss the details of our trip has kind of taken a back seat. We still have a few weeks until we plan to leave. We both really love the outdoors; hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. The beauty of everything that is around us still amazes me to this day. People can drive the same route to work everyday and never notice the beautiful magnolia trees or mountain sides. We are those people. The ones that will interrupt each other in mid sentence to say, "Oh, look at the moon." So we would like a scenic route. We plan on taking about a week to a week and a half traveling there. We do have a friend we would like to see in Colorado and I've never been to VEGAS so I would like to at least drive through. Basically any advice is needed!! Even the better places to stay or try to make home in CA. We aren't completely broke but we also don't have bookoos of money to spend. Well, I think that's it. THANKS!!

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    Unfortunately, the one thing you haven't found time for (yet) is exactly the thing you need to make time for: sitting down with some good maps and planning a general route. We can offer some useful suggestions, but you are both clearly individualistic enough that the only way to make this trip truly your own is to plan it yourselves.

    The good new is that you would be hard pressed to find a boring route through the Rockies and Southwest. In addition, you have plenty of time to take the 'road less traveled', more than twice as long as would be needed to make the drive by the most direct Interstate route. So you'll have both the opportunity and resources to have a great trip.

    What I'd suggest, for an outline, is that you look at crossing the Mississippi somewhere like Hickman KY just to get in a ferry ride, smell the river, and get a feel for its tempo. That would set you up for a trip on scenic back roads across southern Missouri, through the Ozarks, and then out across the Plains through some 'Old West' towns like Dodge City on your way to Colorado. Where/how you'll cross the Rockies depends on where your friends live, but US-160, US-50 and US-6 are all superb scenic routes. Next up would be the red rock national parks of southern Utah including some or all of the following: Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, and Zion. And after Las Vegas be sure to check out Mojave National Preserve on the way to L.A.


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    Thanks for the tips! I know we will need to sit down and plan it out. We intend to in the next couple of days. Our friend lives in Denver. We are more than excited about this trip!

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