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    Hi there, my girlfriend and I are currently planning our Summer Holiday Road Trip at the moment, and would like to run by you experts first to see what you think? We'll be travelling from the UK and looking to spend 3 weeks in mid August- start of September.

    Our planned route is as follows:-

    Arrive New York
    Poccono Mountains (1 Night)
    Finger Lakes (1 Night)
    Niagra (1 Night)
    Toronto (1 Night)
    Algonquin Provincial Park (1 Night)
    Ottawa (1 Night)
    Montreal (2 Nights)
    Vermont (2 Nights)
    Maine (2 Nights)
    New Hampshire (2 Nights)
    Boston (2 Nights)
    Rhode Island (1 Nights)
    New York (3 Nights)

    We have 1 more night 'free' and was wondering what you would suggest, also any other comments on our planned route? Is it too much or even places we have missed off that you think would be better, we'll be hiring a car and love off the beaten track routes, and loved visiting some old ghost towns like when we were in California and Nevada a couple of years ago.

    So yeah, thanks in advance for your time and look forward to some of your helpful responses!

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    Default What's Your Style?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's always hard to comment on an itinerary that is little more than way points without knowing anything about a traveler's interests or style. Certainly what you've outlined is a trip that appeals to me as I have lived and driven extensively through that area, particularly New England and New York. If you are comfortable being constantly on the move, then this trip should be right up your alley as there are just a ton of scenic, historic, and delightful places all along your route. I suppose that if I were to suggest any changes, they would be to forego Algonquin Provincial Park and instead explore the northern shore of Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands region at the head of the St Lawrence River, and to perhaps add a day north of Boston checking out Cape Ann and Salem.


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    Hey Buck thanks for your reply, since our first post we've amended it quite a lot. During our last road trip through California, Nevada and Arizona we really enjoyed exploring the small cool towns and would like to stay in local B+Bs aswell as the bigger towns. We would like to see as many of the places as we can so we don't mind being on the move! We changed our route because we could see more of the scenic route and be in the national parks and lakes more etc.

    Here is our amended route, be great to see what you think and would be grateful for suggestions, we've done a rough guideline on how many nights we'll stay in each place, but this can be changed

    Fly into Washington
    Huntingdon (1 Night)
    Tiadahgton State Forest (1 Night)
    Niagra Falls
    Finger Lakes (2 Nights)
    Thousand Islands (1 Night)
    Ottawa (2 Nights)
    Montreal (2 Nights)
    Saranac Lake
    Burlington (1 Night)
    Conway (1 Night)
    Portsmouth (1 Night)
    Boston (3 Nights)
    Cape Cod
    Rhode Island (1 Night)
    Cold Spring (1 Night)
    Princeton (1 Night)
    Washington (3 Nights)
    Fly home

    Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it!
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    Also, with regards to the car, is right that we need special permission from Hertz to take it in to Canada? Will they add extra cost for this or do they just need to know we'll be going to there?

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    Default Yes it is.

    Most companies will allow you to take a car into Canada, without extra cost, but it is something you should mention when making the booking. Or just contact them and ask. I would not do it without getting the OK from the rental company. You may even find that different locations of the same company don't necessarily have the same policy.


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    Default Just Let Them Know

    Looks like you've got a great trip planned, one that appeals to me so much that I've made it (or ones remarkably similar) myself a number if times. The only things you have to make sure of with regards to the car hire are 1) that there are no geographic restrictions on where you can use your "unlimited miles" and 2) that you notify the car hire company before your arrival that you plan to take the car into Canada. I don't foresee any problems with either of those items with Hertz, the largest car hire company in North America. If there are any restrictions on where you can go they will be listed in the 'Terms and Conditions' on the site where you signed up. I know we seldom read that fine print, but in this case - do so. If there are limits, it may be that you can go outside the listed states, but by doing so your allowed mileage drops from unlimited to some set #/day. As for the notification that you will be going into Canada, that is just so that they can put the proper paperwork (insurance card, etc.) into the glove box before you take the car. They can do this at the time you pick up the car, of course, but it would just be a delay that you don't need or want.


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