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  1. Default Moving Boston, MA to Houston, TX - Highway advice

    Hi I am moving from Boston to Houston, wife, kids & a 6x12 trailer and was wondering what's the best route with kids (sites) and trailer (least mountains) for this trip. I was looking at going down I95 then I10 across but know about the I95 traffic but not sure about I10 going out to Texas. Another route I was looking to take was I84 to Scranton then across to Columbus, Cinny, Memphis, Dallas then down to Houston.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    There really aren't any Interstates in the east that are mountainous enough to cause issues with a trailer, so I'd look at taking the most direct route, modified to stay out of high traffic congestion areas.

    I would look at the following:

    Mass Pike to I-84
    I-84 to Hartford
    I-91 to I-691 back to I-84
    I-84 to Scranton
    I-81 to I-40 to Knoxville
    I-75 to I-59 to Slidell
    I-12 to I-10 to Houston

    This would be a reasonably comfortable 4 day drive with overnights around Hagerstown MD, Knoxville TN, and Hattiesburg MS. If you have more days you can allocate for the trip, you can take some detours off the Interstates for some attractions.

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    Default a bigger challenge

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When it comes to moving and pulling a trailer, to me avoiding heavy traffic and urban areas is just as important - if not more important - than avoiding mountains. For that reason, and the fact that it adds almost 200 miles, I-95 to I-10 would be about the last route I'd even think about taking.

    Going via Cinci, Memphis, etc wouldn't be too bad, although again there, you'd be dealing with quite a few cities, and I-80 across PA is pretty hilly. If you do go that route, there's no reason at all to go all the way to Dallas. You can save yourself a whole lot of miles by taking US-59 south from Texarkana. US-59 is still a 4 lane highway thats near interstate quality.

    If its me, however, I'm going the most direct way: Using I-84 to Scranton, then I-81 down to Knoxville, and I-40/I-75/I-59 to Louisiana. That's going to be 100 miles shorter than going out to Memphis, avoids most heavy urban areas, and as long as you have a reasonable towing set-up, the mountains shouldn't be too difficult.

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    Default Agreed to avoid I-95!

    And I'd look carefully at avoiding I-10 from I-12 the rest of the way to the TX line. I drove that section in early August 2012 and it was very rough, very congested, and very much not fun, not one little bit.

    On my return trip I came up US 59 from Houston to north of Nagodoches, and as MM suggested, that's a nice drive. Not Interstate, but not bad at all, and until one gets to within the Houston metro area, lightly traveled.


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