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    Hi all,

    I am travelling with a cat in a 98 VW Golf with nearly 300,000 miles....any suggestions for least steep route using interstate highways would be appreciated. Also places I can stay en route with a cat.

    I am worried about my car breaking down in the mountains.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are a couple realities that are really more important things to thing about with this trip.

    First, you're traveling from the Coast to the Mile High City, you're going to have to cross the Rockies and deal with mountains.

    Second, and more importantly, if you are sticking to the Interstates, its shouldn't be a problem at all. Interstate Highways are designed for fully loaded semi trucks can easily navigate these roads, which means they have limited slopes and curves. Put simply, if your car can not handle mountain roads on the interstates, it probably can't handle any trip of this size - but if its in good running order there is no reason it should be a problem.

    I'd recommend going the most direct route, which is I-15 to I-70. That does go all the way up to 12,000 feet as it crosses the Rockies, but I don't think adding 200 miles by taking I-40/I-25 through Albuquerque, and still involves several mountain passes, is really going to be any better for you or your car.

    The halfway point of the route is Beaver, Utah. There is a motel 6 there that allows pets. However, you could also look at Parowan or even Cedar City which will have more lodging options. If you use the RTA Hotel Search, you can filter the results by "pets allowed," and find a place that looks good for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bravenze View Post
    I am worried about my car breaking down in the mountains.
    Why not take out a AAA roadside service membership, to put your mind at ease?


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    Richfield also has quite a few hotel options.

    Have your car checked over and serviced before you leave by a VW dealer or a competent shop, not a corner oil change joint.

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    Least mountainous route San Diego to Denver is:

    San Diego --> Phoenix --> Flagstaff --> Gallup --> Albuquerque --> Pueblo --> Denver

    I have no clue where to stay with a cat.

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    Motel 6 and La Quinta are both pet-friendly chains, as are many individual hotels, both independent and chain.

    Phoenix to Flagstaff is a long uphill pull - if you are going to spend all that extra time, stay on I-8 onto I-10 to Deming NM, then NM-26 to Hatch to pick up I-25. I've done that before to avoid snow in Flagstaff.

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