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    I took a trip in April from Central Jersey (Edison) to Outer Banks, NC. I am planning on making the same trip again this weekend.

    Last time glc and Foy gave me a great route through US 1, 13 and the CBBT.

    I just have a quick question about that route. Last time when I left US 1 to get on 13 through exit 97, I found that 1 was a highway but 13 had lots of lights. My GPS at that time was telling me to stay on 1. So I was wondering if it would be better for me to stay on 1 till Milford where 1 becomes 113. Then near the MD/VA state line, 113 joins with 13.

    Would this route be faster? Again goal is to stay on 1 longer so I can avoid the lights on 13.


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    I don't think there would be a lot of difference between the two options, with the very big note that I'm only making that judgement based on maps. I have never driven either route myself.

    DE-1 only remains a freeway for a few more miles after you exitted to join US-13. From there, DE-1/US-113 looks to be very much the same kind of road you'll have on US-13. If anything, after that point, US-13 at least has a freeway bypass around Salisbury MD, where US-113 tends to go through more towns.

    If it were me in your shoes, however, I'd US-113 for one simple reason: It's different than the route you went last time. Even if it even ends up being slightly longer, at least you'll be able to see for yourself, and see if there's anything else on that route that strikes your interest.

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    Default 1/13/113

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    DE-1 (not US-1) is the alternative to US-13/US-113 between Wilmington and the Delaware beaches. From Wilmington to Dover it is controlled-access with a couple of toll booths. Befitting its status as a 'beach' road, the tolls double (from $2 to $4) on the weekend. South of Dover, if you're headed for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT), then US-13 is the road of choice as it is a four-lane divided (but not controlled-access except around Salisbury MD) all the way to the southern tip of the peninsula. US-113 is slightly longer, carries a bit of beach traffic itself, and you'd have to deal with Milford and Georgetown. Still the difference in time should only be about 10-15 minutes. One thing you can try to avoid the shopping centers and lights along US-13 just south of Dover is to stay on DE-1/US-113 all the way past Dover Air Force Base to Magnolia DE and then take County Rd 107 (Trap Shooters Road) into Magnolia and then County Rd 31 (Irish Hill Road) west back to US-13 south. But really if speed is your only or main consideration, just take US-13 at exit 97 and stay on it the rest of the way south to the CBBT.

    For anyone reading this and looking for a scenic alternative to DE-1/US-13 south from Wilmington to Dover, let me suggest DE-9 from New Castle south along the Delaware River with a stop at Fort Dupont State Park and a short side trip or two to Woodland Beach or Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

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    Default Delaware 9

    Here's a suggestion using Delaware 9 written by Peter Thody that might work for you too.

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    Default I'll second that.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    For anyone reading this and looking for a scenic alternative to DE-1/US-13 south from Wilmington to Dover, let me suggest DE-9 from New Castle south along the Delaware River with a stop at Fort Dupont State Park ...
    Only a couple of months ago I took this trip, even though I did not know anything about it. Just to check out another route and Park. It did not disappoint. Make sure you allow yourself time to enjoy the route, and the Park.


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    US-13 may have lots of lights, but as I remember US-113 is only 2 lanes most of the way once you get past Milford. Either way is sure going to beat the I-95 corridor from Wilmington to Richmond.

    You could take US-113 through Milford and see how it goes - if it's not to your liking you can take US-9 at Georgetown back to US-13.

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    Thanks everyone. Based on what has been said here I think I will stick to the original route.

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