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    Default Grand Grand Canyon to LV and Death Valley to LA In December


    I am planning to visit Grand Canyon (South Rim) by the second week of December and then heading to Vegas via road. I was just wondering given the time of the season will the roads be open and will it a difficult drive given the snow? Moreover, if I do not want to drive from GC to Vegas are their any buses/trains that run between the area?

    Also the route from LV to Death Valley to LA will it be doable during this time of the year or are there any road blocks because of snow.

    Will greatly appreciate your help in this regard.

    Many Thanks

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think you should be in good shape for your trip. Here is a list of road closures within Grand Canyon at various times of the year. There does not appear to be any train directly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, so far as practicality I'd say this option would be the least likely.

    If you are planning on spending some time in Death Valley, have a look at this article.

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    Default Unpredictable.

    It's impossible to predict the weather so far in advance, but under normal circumstance you should be OK. The roads from GC to LV and also to LA are all main US Highways/Interstate, that would be a priority to keep clear. That's not to say you won't have the possibility of some weather related delays.

    You don't say how you are getting to the GC or from where, which goes a long way towards how to move on from there. You can get tours from Vegas to GC, but you would have to make sure exactly what you are getting, most tours go to the West rim which is not part of the NP system. If you use your search engine and enter Public transport and start destination points you will come up with various options like the Bundibus here. [I have not checked to see if they run in December] You can also check your options using the GC NPS site, here.

    The park roads are paved and the park [south rim] is open year round. I believe that the shuttle buses do not run in December and therefor having the use of a car is the way to get around and is what I would recommend, just keep a close eye on the weather forecasts nearer and during your time of travel. As I mentioned, you would run the risk of seeing disruption and even temporary closures due to weather.

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