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  1. Default Last-minute trip ideas for Atlanta to NY pls

    I'm going to leave Atlanta for the northeast this weekend and am just starting to plan. I travel pretty much by the seat of my pants, and am flexible.

    What are particular spots of interest for people who like history, but can't do a lot of walking? I have a passenger who cannot walk long distances.

    We're open to ideas. These are some points we'd like to see: Roanoke, Virginia. We'd also like to see some of the Appalachians, but have no idea where to go (sorry so ignorant). I've heard of the Smokies Natl Park, but is that something seeable mostly by driving if my passenger cannot hike? Also thinking of visiting West Point and doing some leaf peeping in the NE. Other stops will include Buffalo, NY, and Toronto.

    I've spent plenty of time in DC and NYC, so that's not a priority. Philly is a possibility.

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    Default History and Scenery on the Way North

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    You're in luck. You can hardly avoid either the Appalachians or any number of historic sites on your drive up to Toronto. Even just sticking to a relatively direct route will bring you within easy driving distance of some great scenic drives (and short walks) and Revolutionary and Civil War sites, not to mention some cute towns. You can start immediately as you leave Atlanta by taking I-575 and GA-5 north to Blue Ridge GA. A short drive using GA-60/NC-60 will put you on US-19 in North Carolina and then US-441 through Great Smoky Mountains National Park and on to I-81. This bit of driving concentrates on Appalachian scenery and small southern towns. The highlight is, of course, the Smoky Mountains. As with any National Park, there will be things to see and do for people of all ages and abilities. Be sure to stop at the Oconauftee Visitor Center as you enter the park and ask about opportunities that will not overtax your passenger. My wife and I are no spring chickens ourselves and yet we have never been disappointed in following the suggestions of the various park rangers we have encountered in our travels.

    The second segment of your trip will be a bit more about covering some ground by using I-81. This is easily one of the more scenic Interstates in the east as it follows the Great Valley northeast between the Blue Ridge on your east and the Allegheny Ranges on your west. But as you work your way north, you will have the opportunity to slow the pace down a bit by taking the Blue Ridge Parkway between Roanoke and Lexington VA. You'll also have the chance to take a slight side trip to Monticello outside Charlottesville. You'd then be in perfect shape to take the Skyline Drive up through Shenandoah National Park to Winchester.

    The final leg will work north using a combination of Interstate and US highways across the Allegheny Plateau to Niagara Falls and Toronto. From Winchester US-522 will take you through West Virginia and Maryland to I-70 in Pennsylvania. A short jog west on this road brings you to I-99 north. Then using US-322/I-80 to cut over to US-219 north through the Allegheny National Forest to Buffalo, Niagara, and Toronto. On the way, some places worth looking into would include Bedford, Fort Roberdeau and of course Niagara Falls.

    If you could spend a day on each of those legs, then you'd have time for a great trip. Of course, if you have even more time for the trip you can go farther field and/or make more stops, but that should give you pretty good idea of what's available. You should start at this point by getting yourself a good set of road maps, or an atlas, and looking at the routes I've suggested and what else is along or near them that piques your interest.


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    Thanks very much, Buck. I appreciate these useful and specific tips. I also want to thank you for your East Coast itinerary, which I copied and plan to tap as well.
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