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    Default Recomendations for trip with family and dog


    We are planning on taking a trip from Houston to Colorado this winter. Our group consists of myself and my wive, my mom and dad, three kids (12,10 & 7) and a Flat Coat retriever (65 lbs). As you can see, its a pretty full house.

    We have a Mazda CX-9 which should be comfortable enough for the people, but possibly too small for the dog because we will need to pull up the additional 2 seats in the back.

    I guess what I need is some recommendations with regards to what can I possible do to make it more comfortable for the dog, other than get a bigger vehicle. The answer is probably not much, but was hoping that someone may have any ideas I have no thought about.

    Also, any recommendations regarding where to put our luggage? The CX-9 does have racks on the roof, so I could buy a cargo box for the roof. Alternatively, I could get a hitch cargo carrier. Never had had either one, so I am not sure which one is better or more convenient. Open to suggestions on this matter as well.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've already got a pretty large vehicle, so I think you're just going to have to make the best of it. I'd really just recommend doing a couple small trips with the entire family and dog and see how things work, and see if you can discover a few little things that make the travel easier. Otherwise, I think your best bet is just to plan for the trip to involve lots of little stops.

    For cargo, I tend to prefer rear cargo carries, like a hitch-hauler. They're easier to access, but more importantly, they aren't going to create the wind resistance and change the center of gravity the way things on the roof can. You might also consider a car back carrier, especially if your CX-9 doesn't already have a hitch.

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    Not what you want to hear, but your best bet would be to board the dog in a kennel or ask a friend to look after the dog while you are gone.

    A hitch carrier is more convenient and affects the aerodynamics (read that as gas mileage and performance) less, but it can make the vehicle too tail-heavy.

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    Default A well-tested tip for dog walks on road trips!

    Actually, I'm a big proponent of always taking a dog along. Dogs pretty much ensure that we don't over-drive a day. And bigger dogs will need even more walks. So, my recommendation is to find a way to make it work for all passengers. Here are a few more time-tested dog traveling tips. *** Be sure to heed the suggestion of drinking before the walk begins and not afterwards!***


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    That's great, but there is the issue of having a 7 passenger vehicle with 7 passengers - and trying to find room for a 65 pound dog!

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