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    Hi all
    My best friend and I are looking at coming to US from Australia for a holiday in March 2013 and would like to do a road trip in a RV.
    We would like to land in Los Angeles then up to San Francisco across to Lake Taho, down to Yosemite then Death Valley ending in Las Vegas. Could anyone tell me how long this would take and is this achievable in 10-14 days
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    Default Cost and weather considerations.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your trip would be achievable in the time frame, but 10 days may seem a little rushed especially if it were to include time spent in LA and LV. It might be worth considering completing the loop and finishing in the same place you start from and to see if this would be better financially, as flying in and out of the same City as well as renting the vehicle from the same place may work out cheaper. If you were to do this you could see which City from San Fran, LA and LV offered the cheapest flight and rental combined.

    I would also reverse the direction of your trip so that you are heading down the coast and the Ocean and Oceanside viewpoints are on your side of the road. This will save you having to pull across traffic which is trickier in an RV. A couple of thoughts regarding the RV are that firstly, with just the two of you travelling, it will be more expensive than a car and Motel. That's OK if you are doing it as a 'Lifestyle' choice, but in mountain areas [Lake Tahoe/Yosemite] the temps can still dip into below freezing at night. Again it's not a big problem and we have spent many a night in an RV with temps well below freezing, as long as you are aware of it that is.

    In these mountain areas there will still be snow around at higher elevations and some passes will still be closed, such as the popular Tioga Pass [CA120] in Yosemite. Again not a big deal but to get to Vegas you would be better off heading to Yosemite first and then north to Lake Tahoe around the top of the mountains before heading down 395 where you could go all the way to Lone Pine and drive across Death Valley to Vegas.

    You will find many threads with good info by searching the forums and simply scrolling down this page where you will find 'Similar threads' and to help get you started, here are some of our favourites. As you move on with your planning keep asking questions as and when you need to.

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    Default Where in Oz?

    Dave's advice to reverse your trip is worth following, as is the advice to do this as a loop trip. 14 days should give you a nice bit of time to enjoy the magnificent country through which you will be travelling.

    Driving the Pacific Coast Highway is much more enjoyable from North to South. You don't say whence in Oz you hail, but I can assure you, it is every bit as spectacular as The Great Ocean Road, in Vic.

    Will you be including the Grand Canyon in this trip? If you are, you could go there direct from LA, before heading to LV. You could then drive through Death Valley (great time to visit DV) to 395 and up to Tahoe, down to Yosemite, before heading to SF and down the PCH back to LA.

    If either of you are a member of your local automobile association, such as RACV, make sure you bring your membership with you. On your arrival - or anytime during your trip - you can go to AAA shop with it, and get free maps of all the States and cities through which you will be travelling.


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