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  1. Default 2 month, cross-country tour? Advice appreciated!

    My mate and I are planning a 2-month trip going from east to west and back again in the summer of 2014 (after we've finished studying etc). Tentatively our route, as it is at the moment is something like this:
    Washington DC - Mammoth Cave N.P. - Kansas City - Denver - Monument Valley - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - Yosemite - San Francisco - Reno - Salt Lake City - Yellowstone - Mount Rushmore - Lake Michigan - Niagara Falls - New York.

    As we are just starting to plan things and think about all the different details, this site seemed like a good place to seek advice! I have a few questions at the moment, most of which include 'what to see' sort of problems, especially in and around the mid-east (between Mammoth Cave and Kansas City, and then between Mount Rushmore and Lake Michigan). At the moment we are thinking about just going through these areas as quickly as possible because we aren't sure of what to see/do, but would welcome thoughts, especially if our thinking is a bit wrong!

    Additionally, we are a bit unsure of how much to budget for, given the costs of fuel, food, accommodation (although there will be camping), car hire etc.

    Is our plan ambitious for 2 months? Would we be able to see and do all the things that the variety of places listed have to offer in that time?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQuietLAD
    At the moment we are thinking about just going through these areas as quickly as possible because we aren't sure of what to see/do.
    There is [b ]always[/b] something to see and/or do within a short distance of wherever you find yourself. Just some examples:

    Between Mammoth Cave and Kansas City check out the Land Between the Lakes, St. Louis (the zoo, Arch, Museum of Westward Expansion, Grant’s Farm, etc.), and Truman’s home in Independence.

    Between Mount Rushmore and Lake Michigan there’s Badlands National Park, Wall Drug, the Corn Palace, Fort Belmont (MN), Great River Bluffs State Park, and Circus World Museum.

    As for budgeting, my own rule-of-thumb for two people traveling together is about $150/day to cover food, lodging, and entrance fees, but not necessarily gas. The cost of the car rental will largely depend on your age(s). If you’re under 25, there will be a huge $25/day ‘underage driver’ fee. If both of you are under 25 and both plan to drive, that goes up to $50/day which is easily more than the base rental fee. So you’ll need to look into those costs well before you commit to this plan. Two months is eminently enough time for a pair of cross country RoadTrips.


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