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    Default Minneapolis to Sault Ste. Marie via Green Bay

    We are planning a fall trip (mid September) from Minneapolis to the east coast via Sault Ste. Marie via Green Bay. We are planning on "making time" from MPLS to Green Bay then finishing the day from there to Sault Ste. Marie and are wondering what we should make sure not to miss on that last leg and also in Sault Ste. Marie. Also wondering, should we plan on spending a whole day in Sault Ste. Marie, as we are heading from there to probably either Flint MI., Port Huron or Niagara Falls. From there our trip will be up into Maine and across to the coast and then meander down the coast to who knows where.
    Any and all info will be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If you're planning to go from the Cities to Sault Ste. Marie in one day, you're going to have to be making time for basically the whole day. Its well over a 500 mile drive, with much of the trip on 2 lane roads. You'll have time to make a couple stops, but not a lot.

    If it were me, I wouldn't be going to Green Bay, which is a bit out of the way anyway. Instead, I'd start heading north much sooner, and basically travel along the south shore of Lake Superior. Some of my favorite stops would include places like the Porcupine Mountains, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, however, by and large, those places would make it tough to get to SSM in one day.

    You don't paint a very good idea about the overall picture of this trip, other than you plan to eventually get to Maine and the east coast. We don't know what you've got available for time, what you have for interests, or even the goals and purpose of this trip. Its always hard to give advice on one piece of a puzzle, when you don't know what the entire picture looks like.

    Having said that, its hard to give you much direction on the rest of your trip, although I will suggest that if you are planning to head to Maine, you might consider cutting into Canada at SSM, rather than going back south through Michigan.

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    Thanks for your reply. I know I didn't give the whole picture but I thought it might help me in planning the first day or two.

    At this point we don't have an exact timeline for the trip except that we might start out Sept., 16th. Our overall goal is to get to the east coast somewhere up around Bangor Maine and work our way down the coast to "maybe" Philadelphia, then head back west toward home/Minneapolis, MN.

    Last spring we spent time in Bayfield WI and Munising MI and did the Pictured Rocks Cruise etc.

    I am an amature photographer so we quite often hit the 2 lanes to see the country and small towns and interesting sights. If you'd like to see some of my work you can use this link. However, for this site all of the images must be from Minnesota.

    I think we have the first couple days figured out for this upcoming trip. Day 1 would be straight across Wisconsin to Shawano Wi., then heading northeast and along Lake Michigan ending up at Paradice MI., for the first night so we could take in the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and the lighthouse most likely the next morning before heading to the Soo where we would spend night 2 and see some of the sights there. The reason to head back south was so we could hit Niagara Falls on our way outbound.

    Now here I will get a little more specific with a question. Upon leaving the Soo I was thinking of picking up Michigan Hwy 23 and sticking to the lake until we hit Bay City and then taking the Interstate from there to Port Huron for night 3. My question is this. If we had to choose the western shore of Huron to Bay City versus the shoreline from Bay City to Port Huron, which in your opinion is the most scenic and has the most to see. If it is the southern part we would drop straight down from the Soo to Bay City on the Interstate then pick up Michigan 25 along the lake to Port Huron.

    From Port Huron we would head to Niagara Falls and most likely spend night 4 there before heading east and eventually north. Not sure if we should stick close to the St. Lawrence River or cut through Adirondack Park maybe via NY 28 to 30 to 3 and then out the north east corner near Plattsburg. That's about it for now. Timeline wise I think we are looking at about 2 weeks but definitely have to be home before October 6th.

    Later and again thanks,

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    Even with your goal of going to Niagara Falls, you certainly could still go through Canada as I had suggested. You could either go over to Sudbury, and then south to the falls via Toronto. Another option would be to drive across Manitoulin Island, and then take the Ferry south to the Bruce Peninsula and onto Niagara from there. There are several very scenic Provincial/National parks along both routes to pick from.

    I was just up in Paradise a couple weeks ago. A very nice little town. I'd look at Newberry for more/cheaper lodging options, although being off-season it might not be too bad in Paradise. Also make sure you include Tahquamenon Falls during your visit.

    I haven't spent much time along Michigan's east coast, so I can't offer many specifics there.

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    Thanks again for your reply.
    I chose the Freighters Bay Motel in Paradice based on the reviews I read. Do you know it?
    Will be sure to include Tahquamenon Falls while we're up there. Thanks for the advice.

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    Default How do we explore New York City and where do we stay?

    My wife and I are planning to visit New York City for the first time on a time sensitive budget. It would be great to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
    Where would you suggest we stay (reasonable & pet friendly) yet close enough for transportation to these attractions and also to the 911 ground zero sight?

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    Default Near is Expensive

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, all of the sites that you list are in lower Manhattan, one of the most expensive places on Earth. So staying near to them is going to entail some fairly hefty expenditures for a decent hotel, B&B, or other accommodation. Normally, when I want to visit New York City, I stay well outside the city and commute in, usually by commuter rail from the northern suburbs or from New Jersey. There is one other option that occurs to me since all of your targeted sites are at the southern tip of Manhattan, and that is to stay on Staten Island and take the free ferry that delivers you to within walking distance of everywhere on your list (or within waking distance of their respective ferry docks). No matter where you stay, you will have to deal with commuters and rush hour, so that will put another constraint on your time management.


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