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  1. Default Pacific Northwest Road Trip in late September

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and am looking for some advice. I have planned a road trip starting in Seattle,going east to Kalispell in Montana,south to Shosone in Idaho,then west to the Oregon coast and finally back up through the Olympic peninsula to Seattle. I'm going the last 2 weeks of September. Below is our itinerary.
    Day 1 : Seattle to Wenatchee
    Day 2 : Wenatchee to Spokane
    Day 3 : Spokane to Kalispell
    Day 4 : Kalispell to Missoula
    Day 5 : Missoula to Salmon or Stanley
    Day 6 : Salmon to Shosone
    Day 7 : Shosone to Boise
    Day 8 : Boise to either Mitchell,Oregon or Pendelton
    Day 9 : to Portland
    Day 10: Portland to Long Beach
    Day 11: Long Beach to Forks
    Day 12: Forks to Seattle

    I've shamelessly lifted this out of the book,Road Trip USA and I'll be on the highways rather than the Interstates where possible. I have to be back in Seattle by day 14,so there is a little bit of wriggle room in it. So,what I'm really looking for here is some advice or opinions about my route,specifically days 5 and 8. Should I stop somewhere like Salmon or is it worth driving all the way in 1 day to Stanley? (about 5.5 hours apparently). Is it worth doing a long drive on US 26 through the Blue Mountains and John Day or should I take Interstate 84 to Pendleton and the next day drive through the Columbia Gorge instead? Does the whole route sound feasible in 12-14 days or is it just a mad idea? Any or all suggestions/recommendations would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks,

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    While there is certainly nothing wrong with getting ideas for a RoadTrip from books, magazines, or even websites, following them slavishly means that you might as well be on a tour bus. You will be doing what someone else thought would make a great RoadTrip. For them. What you need to do now, even after any advice you get here, is to do a good bit of research about what else is available in the areas that you’ll be driving through that appeals to you. Just looking at the region you’ve chosen to drove through and taking your stated desire to stay of the main (Interstate) highways, I can make a few suggestions of places, roads, and sites that you might want to look into for starters…

    The St. Joe River Scenic Byway across northern Idaho.

    The Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

    The totally unique Bruneau Canyon and Bruneau Sand Dunes.

    The Historic Columbia River Highway

    Those would be welcome additions to almost any tour such as you’re contemplating and will wasily fit within your time constraints.


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