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  1. Default Driving from Los Angeles, CA to Maryland. Good tourist attractions or stops?

    Hello Road Trip America! I am moving from Los Angeles to Maryland so I decided to make the move fun by driving with one of my buddies. I plan on taking about 8-9 days to drive as my buddy only got a week off work so he has to be back in time. I was just wondering what you guys think the best route will be for the most fun that we can still make in 8-9 days. I was thinking of taking more of a northern route because it seems more fun. My original idea was: Nevada - Utah - Colorado - Nebraska - Iowa - Illinois - Indiana - Ohio - West Virginia - Maryland but that was just a first thought because it seems that would be a fun drive. If anyone has a good route or some good tourist attraction stop ideas that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    Well, the route youve outlined is certainly serviceable, and its my experience that when people describe any route other than the most direct and/or fastest available, they have a reason or two for doing so. But not knowing your reasons for going so far north Im assuming that you plan on using I-80 through Nebraska, Iowa and the Midwest Id offer a slightly different alternative. Yes, take I-15 up through Las Vegas and Utah (Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks), then I-70 to Denver (Arches and Rocky Mountain). That all makes sense. But I think you can do better than I-80 even though it follows the old Oregon Trail for long stretches through Nebraska. Id suggest that you look at taking I-70 out f Denver to St. Louis, a great city with lots of great attractions, then follow I-64 and I-40 to the Great Smoky Mountains and use the Blue Ridge Parkway to slowly work your way up the Appalachians to Maryland. Its just a more scenic route with a good number of historic and otherwise enjoyable sites along the way. Almost any way you go the trip can be done in as little as five days, so youll have plenty of time to spend doing and seeing stuff along the way.


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