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  1. Default winter roadtrip from chicago to seattle WA

    Iam planning to bring my family to seattle to spend new year with my cousins there, Then we will drive from seattle to Rexburg ID, to drop my son for college, then from Idaho back to Chicago. How is the general road conditions during those winter month? is it safe to travel? will there be a lot of mountain to travel/slippery road? . Is there a scenic route to take? is it safe to drive at night? Is there a fast and scenic route? I read a blog about that route but it was way back 2004, and i dont know if that was done during the winter. what can you recommend the best food stop along the way.

    thanks everyone

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    Default Safe with Proper Precautions

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    Remember that the Interstate Highway System was built to provide 24/7 connectivity between sections of the country separated by long distances. They are the safest roads available, the last to close in any inclement weather, and the first to be re-opened, and that closures are rare enough that they make the news. Almost your entire trip can be made on this system, all of it if needs be. However, that is not to say that you should count on just being able to pack up the car in Chicago and make the trip without forethought or incident. Plan on having five days or so for each transit between Chicago and Seattle, and add a sixth day for the east-bound leg to allow for unloading your son in Rexburg. That will leave you plenty of time, up to a full day, to sit out any storm that overwhelms even the exceptionally competent road crews of the great northern Interstates.


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