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    Default Honeymoon Road Trip


    We're thinking about a US roadtrip for our honeymoon. My brother in law lives in houston so that would be either the start or end of the road trip. We'd also like to include NYC and some beach action too if possible, any ideas?

    My initial thoughts were to fly from the UK to NYC, drive to Houston and then fly to Mexico/Caribbean for a weeks beach holiday and then return to the UK via Houston. Surely I could get a cheaper holiday from Houston to Mexico/Caribbean than from the UK?

    Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.

    PS, would be planning the trip for summer time, perferably avoiding hurricane/tornado season (whenever that is).


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    A few things to think about.

    First, if you do a trip one way from NYC to Houston, your rental car is almost certainly going to include a several hundred dollar drop fee, which is pretty standard for all one way rentals.

    Summer basically is hurricane season. The season runs from July through November, with Aug-Oct being the peak. Of course, even there, the odds of any specific area being hit with a major storm at any given time are pretty small. Tornados can happen any time of year, but summer is the peak time. However, planning a trip around them is just kind of silly, since big tornado still only affects basically a few miles of ground - its the times when those few mile hit a populated area that it becomes a story.

    I'd imagine that airfare from Houston to Mexico/Caribbean would be cheaper than anything in Europe, however I don't know if doing a round trip to/from Houston, combined with your One way flights to NYC and then back home from Houston would actually result in any savings. Doing 3 one way flights (UK to NYC, Hou to Mexico, Mexico to UK) could end up being less expensive. I think you'd just have to price it out.

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