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    Default Safest Road from Twentynine Palms (exit Joshua Tree park) to Laughlin, NV?

    In two weeks We will be driving from Palm Springs,CA to Laughlin,NV and would like to drive through Joshua Tree National Park.
    We´d like to know which road to take when we get to Twentynine Palms when we exit the park?
    Take 62 and then 95? or do we take the Amboy Road through Amboy, I-40 and then north to Laughlin,NV
    We know it´s all desert roads, and we´d like to take the safest road , if that´s possible?

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    There really aren't any "unsafe" roads out there. Take Amboy Road to Amboy, turn right on Old 66, take that to I-40, get off at the first Needles exit - W Park Rd - take that to River Rd/Needles Hwy, turn left and take that into Laughlin. If you are going to the hotels/casinos, turn right on Casino Dr. It's about a 2.5 to 3 hour drive. Amboy Rd and Old 66 are both well maintained paved 2 lane roads with a 55 to 65 mph speed limit. It would be prudent to fill your gas tank in 29 Palms unless you know for a fact that you can make it 150 miles without needing gas. There is a station in Amboy (if it's open) but the prices are very high. There is gas in Needles, but it's also very expensive and a bit out of your way. There is plenty of gas in Laughlin, but it's considerably cheaper across the river in Bullhead City. Right now, gas is $3.93 in 29 Palms, $4.79 in Needles, $3.65 in Laughlin, and $3.23 in Bullhead City.

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    Thank you so much, I appreciate your quick reply to my post.
    The gas prices in Europe are very high as well, we will fill up our tank in Bullhead City :-)
    We´re Europeans and although we´ve been to the USA many times, we haven´t made this trip from L.A. to Las Vegas (Laughlin, GrandCanyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, Zion Park, Las Vegas) before. And we are very much looking forward to go.

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    From Laughlin to the Grand Canyon, I recommend you go through Oatman. Cross the bridge to Bullhead City and turn right on AZ-95. Get gas along the way, this is the main north-south street through town. Exactly 15.3 miles from getting on 95, turn left on Boundary Cone Rd, it's Route 153. This will take you into Oatman. After going through town, stay to the right and go over Sitgreaves Pass. This is part of Old Route 66. This will take you to I-40 just west of Kingman. You can stay on I-40 to Williams, or you can get off at Exit 53 (Andy Devine Blvd) and take Old 66 through Peach Springs and back to I-40 at Seligman. You could also get off at Exit 48 and go through downtown Kingman.

    If you just want to get from Laughlin to the GC the quickest way, take AZ-68 out of Bullhead City to US-93 to I-40 to Williams. This would be about a 4 hour drive.
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    Thank you very much for the recommendation to go through Oatman. We will look at the info about Oatman, and the route .

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