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    Default First Road Trip with my girls


    I'm wondering if I could get some advice on a road trip I'm planning for next summer with my children, they will be 11 and 13 by then. I work in a school so will have 6 weeks off from mid July next year. There are so many places we want to see and I know we won't be able to do it all next year, so I'm hoping this will be the first of many!

    Due to getting back on my feet my budget after flights from UK will be approx $3000/3500, which would have to cover either greyhound or car hire. I was originally thinking of going from New York down to Key West (Staying there for a couple of weeks) on a round trip due to flights (it would bump the cost up too much to fly back from Key west). When I was 21 (a long time ago!! haha) I was in Virginia for 6 months and did go to Memphis, New Orleans and Miami on the greyhound, from what I can remember it was fine, just not sure 2 young girls would be happy with that, but then would petrol cost too much?

    I would also love to do route 66 but not sure if we could do that on this budget, but as I say am happy to plan for that another time.

    I'm open for any suggestions for my budget.


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    Compared to the UK, petrol here is dirt cheap. If you rent a standard 4 cylinder car, you can probably figure it at no more than 15 cents per mile. A car will give you much more flexibility than a bus.

    It's approximately 1500 miles from NYC to Key West, so your petrol costs would probably be around $200 or so.

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    Default Some Other Numbers

    Here are some other numbers that might prove useful in figuring out the cost of your trip. Right now, if you were to book a compact car for 6 week next summer, it would cost you around $1500 (~£950). Such a car would certainly be large enough for you and your two girls, and would leave the gas (petrol) cost at about the 15¢/mi (10p/mi) that glc estimates. Motel rooms can be had for about $60-75/night (£40-50), but will be higher in popular holiday spots, lower in out-of-the-way low end establishments. But still, lodging could run you close to $3000 (£1900) for the duration of your trip. The other major expense will be food. You can find 'free' breakfasts included in most mid level motel rates, and you could probably also load up there on some fruit, bagels, and such to make a good snack, but realistically you're looking at providing two meals a day for three people, a total of about 250 meals. I don't see how you can get away with much less than $1500 (£950). Add in a National Parks Pass ($80/£50) and do a little rounding, and you're looking at a budget that would have to start at around $6250 (£4000). Trying to get by on less than half that, as your current budget would dictate, would really mean traveling so austerely that I doubt that your girls would have much fun. Your best bet would be to cut the duration of your trip back to fit within what you have available to you, say to three weeks. That's still plenty of time to enjoy the east coast of the United States, even for a relatively leisurely drive down to the Florida Keys, spend a week (assuming you can find affordable accommodations), and back up to New York.


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