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    Okay, so, in just under five years from now I will be going on a cross country road trip. I plan on starting in Key West, Florida (home). My furthest point will be Monroe, Washington, I think. I plan on covering the forty eight states. I'm aiming to do a year long type thing. Anyhow, I was wondering what the best route would be? I've been trying to figure that one out, but it just seems that I can't manage to get the order of states that I go in right. Also, I was wondering how much money you would need for a trip like that, what tools and equipment may be needed, clothing tips and such. I'll take any tips anyone is willing to share. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks (:

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    There actually is a more-or-less standard way to drive through all 48 contiguous states. since most such drives are attempts to do it in the least amount of time, the route starts in Southern California near where California, Nevada and Arizona meet and then zigzags across the south, up the east coast and back across the upper Midwest and northern plains to near Paradise OR, again getting the final two states with the least amount of effort. But you'll be starting in the southeast, will be doing a complete circuit, and don't care that much about time. Also, the specifics of the route change as new Interstates are built. So, about all you can do for now is study some maps with the general outline of what I've laid out and see where you might want to go or do with the time available to you along those general roads.

    To do a complete circuit, you're probably looking at needing to drive something like 10,000 miles. That's not bad if you are going to devote a year to it but you'll still need to be prepared to by a ton of gas and pay for lodgings for 365(!) days. Camping would help keep the costs down, but they'll still be substantial. If you plan to go this route, your best bet is to make several local camping forays over the next few years to determine what equipment you need to make the trip tolerably comfortable for your own tastes. I would also plan on taking clothing for at least 8-10 days to cut down on how often you have to stop to do laundry. You should also plan to bi doing the northern portion of the trip in the summer, and the southern portion in the winter. It helps that you'll be doing a complete circuit so that you can go either clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever way helps to get the seasons sorted out properly.


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