Hi Everyone,
We are three English guys from London, all aged 23, and none of us have been to the USA before and have decided to embark on a road trip from NY to Dallas from the 15th October to the 11th November(and breathe).

We have sat down over a beer and decided on a few places we would all like to go, although they are probably fairly expected; Boston,NY,Philadelphia,D.C,Miami,Austin,Dallas. Inbetween these however, we don't know where to go and what to do! Due to the car hire prices we have hired a car from D.C on the 25th October, and so a few recommendations on where to go in the periods below would be appreciated and well recieved! Especially which roads to take to be honest, as we know there are a couple of options.

NY-Washington D.C = 10 days
Washington D.C-Dallas = 17 days

A little bit more information about us- We all enjoy sports, so would love to see some of the live US sports we don't get in Europe. We are young, and enjoy going out so a bit of nightlife would be great. We are also looking to experience an eclectic mix of food and music if possible.
Finally, I don't think we are that bothered about beaches, not really our thing. Also hiking isn't something we are overly keen on, but would be willing to do some if it was particularly reccomend.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any responses would be read with glee!