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    My husband is in the Military and we are moving from Texas to Alaska in November. We will be making the drive with a 2 year old and plan on making it a fun family road trip. I have searched on and found some cool spots along the way to stop but just looking for any advice or best route. Im sure this is not a common road trip and may not be the most fun with a 2 year old but its happening so we will make the most of it.

    Any help or suggestions are welcome :)

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    How much time can you allocate for the move? Will you be loaded down and towing, driving a moving truck, or just driving a normal vehicle? Where in Texas and where in Alaska? Would you consider taking a ferry for part of the way?

    Do you both have passports, and a birth certificate for the child?

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    Be sure to buy a copy of the MILEPOST. It is the "bible" for the roads that go from the US up to Alaska. It will set you back about $20-25, but it will be money well-spent. Not only is everything to see and do listed in there, it also tells you where the motels and restaurants are. Traveling up there in November will be a challenge as some of the motels and restaurants are seasonal, but it is do-able as long as you keep an eye on the weather!


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    Default One of the greatest roadtrips of all.

    One thing in your favour is that you will not have to put up with all the RVs on the road. Unfortunately, a lot of the wildlife will also be less active. But as glc said, much depends on how you are travelling and the time you are able to allot to the trip. The more time you have, especially with a 2 year old, the more you will enjoy the trip.

    It is true that The Milepost is the bible for all those taking the trek up north, it is invaluable, but I would still call before counting on a room for the night in Nov.. This year, before the season opened, I found some places had decided not to open till later... and others had opened earlier, to cater to the increasing number of earlybirds heading up north.

    Some of my favourite places are Jack's Place in Muncho Lake Provincial Park, Our Lady of the Way church in Haines Junction - the most photographed church up north and a couple of the visitor centres. However, the visitor centres will not be open when you travel. I suggest that you get onto the main ones - Dawson Creek, Whitehorse, Ft Nelson and Watson Lake - and get them to send you all the information they have, now. (I think most close in early Sept.) They have the most incredible booklets and leaflets. The more you have read about the road, its history and its many wonderful attractions, the more you will be able to enjoy it.

    It's a great trip! It's a life changing trip! Hope you can make the most of it.


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