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  1. Default Suggestions please? Which road do I should pick, Charleston to New Orleans.


    First of all, sorry if my english disappoint you, I will try my best.

    Im from Brazil and I love the south of EUA, I know Savannah and now I will spend my honey moon in a trip by car: Orlando, Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans.

    Im thinking to stay in house guests in those historic citys, to fell better the city more as a dweller. Is that a good idea? Im afraid to dont have support for eventual problems, to put the car on a save place and about confort.

    We are going to pass trough other citys, just to know a little bit: St. Augustine, St. Marys. Is it worth?

    I need some tips, if I should go by I-85 Road or I-10 Road. What do you think about it? Which road and which citys is interesting to know, which city is interesting to spend the night.

    Thank you for the help!!!

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    Default The Good and the Bad

    Bem-Vinda! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I am also a fan of renting a guest house rather than staying in anonymous motels. They can be much more relaxing and let you get a bit of the flavor of a neighborhood and the local culture. They can often even be a bargain, especially if you are traveling with a group of more than 2 or 3 very close friends since you can take at least two of your daily meals 'at home' having prepared them in your 'own' kitchen from local foodstuffs rather than eating out every meal. They often come with full laundry facilities, WiFi, excellent entertainment systems, and more quiet than is typical of motels, and the opportunity to simply be alone rather than all cooped up in the same room. But there is a downside. Typically, they rent by the week or longer especially during the local high season. although occasionally you can find owners who will rent by the day (more expensive) if the unit has not been fully booked.

    So in your case, depending on what your schedule looks like, look for a house rental (search for 'vacation rental') in a town midway between a couple of your destinations and use that base to explore of those destinations. For example, you could get a rental near Daytona Beach that would be good for both Orlando and St. Augustine, as well as a little beach time. Then take another near Darien GA for use in seeing St. Marys, Savannah, and the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

    New Orleans is considerably farther away from the rest of your destinations. So much so that you might want to reconsider why it is on the list. It would be a very long day, over 600 miles from most of them, and would greatly increase the amount of driving you would have to do - and decrease the amount of time you have to explore the rest of the towns and cities on your list.

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    Dear AZBuck, thank you for the help!

    We are going to stay 3 nights and 2 days in each city. We choosed New Orleans, because we want very much know this city and we want to know all citys we want to know in south, because the air passages are really expansive. I also thought before about that and think that maybe is a good idea take a plane in Charleston to New Orleans and after that follow to Orlando to take the airplane back to So Paulo- Brazil. I know the roads in EUA are very nice to enjoy a trip by car, but I think as you said, that is a lot of our time in the car and maybe is better spend this time knowing more the citys we choose.

    About rent a house, will be few days, I can try to find a guest house who accept our schedule, or try to find a some In that look like less a Hotel and more a house. What do you think?

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    Something that is less like a hotel, and more like a house, would be a Bed-and-Breakfast. Usually it's a large home that has been set up for guests in each bedroom. They are more expensive sometimes than a hotel, but you do get a nice breakfast (sit-down at many of them) and get to meet your fellow guests.


  5. Default How many days: St. Augustine, Savannah, Fernandina Beach and Charleston.

    Hi, Please, I need some advise about this trip.

    We are going to trip to Orlando (3 nights, we already know very well Orlando),
    St. Augustine (1 night),
    Savannah (3 nights),
    Charleston (4 nights)
    Fernandina Beach (1 night)

    What do you thing about this amounts of nights per city?
    Is worht to sleep in St. Augustine and Fernandinha Beach, or only pass through and spend a day and not sleep?
    About Savannah and Charleston, is enough or is to much these bunch of days?
    By the way, do you indicate with sightseeing for these citys?

    Thank you very much!!

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    Default Whatever You Like

    There is no set 'right' number of days to spend in any given city or even a proper way to split what time you do have between separate cities on a trip. If the times you've decided on work for you, then that's all that matters. As for what to do with that time, I have a few suggestions regarding Charleston which my wife and I have had the pleasure of spending some time in. First of all, there are several stately mansions and old plantations along the Ashley River Road including Drayton Hall, Middleton Place, and Magnolia Plantation. Then in downtown Charleston be sure to take one of the narrated carriage rides, walk through some of the old historic neighborhoods (Check to see if one of the semi-annual garden tours is scheduled while your there), visit White Point Gardens where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers join to form the Atlantic Ocean, and check out The Market. There are a couple of spots where you can catch a ferry over to Fort Sumter at the mouth of the harbor. Even if you're not interested in American history, the ferry ride itself is worth the cost. If you are interested in our history, the confederate submarine, the CSS Hunley, is currently being restored in Charleston and tours are available by appointment.


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