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    We are staying in the beagle in Cottonwood, Idaho and we are going to drive to Las Vegas.

    Please could you tell me which is the best route to take? We would like it to be scenic and we dont mind taking a slower route. Also if anybody knows some great places to stay on the way that would be fab.

    Flick + Andy

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    Default How much time ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is no single 'best' route as that would depend on your interests and the time you have available ? As you say you are staying in Cottonwood, it might also help to know where you have been and where you are heading next.

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    We are leaving Seattle to go to Cottonwood then got 9 days to get to las vegas then back to Seattle.
    We dont mind what we see just dont really want to stay on 1 long boring fast road.

    Google maps has given us 3 main routes 2 through nevada or 1 through idaho falls and salt lake city.

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    Default Not a road - a state of mind.

    Boring is more a state of mind than a road, route or place.

    From recollection, all the roads in that region have a great deal of interest, if you care to look for it. Even the endless plains of sagebrush have an intriguing 'beauty' about them. Idaho tourist authorities have a program of tapes and CDs you can borrow, and play as you drive, explaining your surroundings. These taught me to appreciate so much of what some find almost hipnotic.

    Not wanting to go on 'fast' roads, you will have the time to check out many of the signs along the road, and icons on your map. These often lead to amazing discoveries most motorists never find.


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    Whichever way you go, it's at least a 2 day drive. The quickest way (but not shortest) is US-95/I-84/I-15, with an overnight in the SLC area.

    The shortest route is get off I-84 at Idaho Falls, take US-93 to Ely, then the US-6/NV-318 "shortcut" back to US-93 to I-15 to LV, with an overnight in Wells. If you go that way, you MUST not leave Idaho Falls, Wells, and Ely without a full gas tank. This could be a bit faster than going through SLC if you are traveling on a weekday, rush hour on I-15 through SLC can be slow going.

    If you have more than 2 days, then you could look at doing some sightseeing other than out the window of your car. If you go via SLC, you could see Bryce Canyon and/or Zion on the way into LV.

    LV back to Seattle is a 2.5 day drive minimum - if you go via CA there is a whole lot to see if you have the time.

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