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  1. Default Cross country roadtrip 3 teens. 1500-2000 per person

    Me my buddy and my girlfriend are wanting to do a road trip starting in
    Las Cruces. NM. Going over to AZ and from there up to CO
    Then UT. ID. WA. (maybe cali) MT. WY. TN. VA. NC. SC. FL. then all the way back to NM through TX
    We may have an RV dont know yet

    Planning this for 2013. End of May.

    Also wanting to go see lots of music.
    Vehicle jeep possibly. Escalade possibly. Cheap car likely.
    Rentals are possible. No time limmit. Musical instrments will be traveling as well 3 guitars 2 amps
    We can always get more money.
    Per person. $1500-$2000
    Total. $4500-$6000
    Know how to camp. In case no lodgeing and rv. Will need spending money
    fuel money
    and entertainment (music tours. Fests).
    Emergency money it possible how it is?
    2. If not what do we need and how.
    3. Trip sugestions?
    4. vehicle?
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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Three people and 3 guitars and 2 amps means that you would need a vehicle with some room. I'm not sure how the musical instruments play into your trip, however.

    What are you planning for a route to Tennessee?

    Rental vehicles may be a problem as most, if not all, rental agencies have age restrictions on who they will rent to.

    My immediate thoughts on this trip are that you need to think about a few things:
    - Have you taken long trips before? If not, I would suggest doing a couple of shorter trips closer to home to get a feel for what you will need.
    - Open-ended trips can require lots of cash. $6000 can be great for a few weeks, but very difficult for a season.
    - Besides wanting to see lots of music, what else are you hoping to accomplish on your trip? Are there any places in particular you want to see?

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    Tennesse is just an interesting place wanted to see the music sceene as well
    Mountains in CO
    Thinking now wanna see the strip in vegas. Just as a pass by
    Really just kinda whatever nothing in peticular everything is on the table

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    Default think big, start small

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The first things are pretty basic. How much time do you really have for this trip? Do you have any experience roadtripping together? Your idea is a huge one, and you'd really need about a month minimum. If you don't have experience traveling together, its a really a huge undertaking, and frankly, most teenage trips that start with a plan this big end up collapsing under their own weight. If you want this to actually happen, I'd strongly suggest you start by taking a couple of smaller, weekend-type trips between now and them, to get a taste of what you like and don't like on the road. I'll also mention that it is fairly important that you are all at least 18, as traveling before being an adult can create some problems.

    For a vehicle, renting will not be an option if you are teenagers, as no major company will allow rentals to those under 21. You will need a very large vehicle for all of your musical gear, camping gear, and luggage for 3 people. A good sized van or suv will be pretty much minimum.

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    We are all 18 so thats not a problem

    Collapsing under own weight? Specifics. We have all done different type weekend camping together And seperate.
    We just need to know a if a $1500-$2000. Budget will work
    And traveling tips

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    Also we have no time limmit

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    Default the real world

    By collapsing under its own weight I mean any of the millions of things that could happen between now and May, not to mention the time spent on the road.

    Some of the many examples include:
    You and your girlfriend might break up. Your friend might get a girlfriend and/or decide he doesn't want to be a 3rd wheel. Any one of you might have to get a job, take a class, or have anything else come up that would keep you from being on the road for an unlimited amount of time. One of you might not be able to come up with the money. And even being best of friends, you might decide you don't like each other very much after living together inside a tin can for weeks at a time.

    And yes, I'm sure none of these things would ever happen to you...

    But those are the kinds of things that happen all the time and end up keeping a trip like yours from happening, or result in them ending poorly. The longer you plan to be on the road, the more likely any of those things are to become a serious problem.

    In answer to your other question: Yes. With a total of $6,000 you could have a nice trip.

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    Thank you for your tips i will take them sincerely to the heart because those have been questions that i asked myself and everyone else but thank you

    Anyone have any tips for the road?

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