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  1. Default Utah to Nebraska or anywhere midwest

    I don't know what it is inside me, but I want to take a road trip out midwest. I want to experience everything, the miles of green fields, watching a storm roll in. Staying in a little town.. Our thought was Nebraska. I'm curious, what is the best time of year to experience what I am wanting.. Summer? Later Summer (will everything have been harvested by then, late sept?) Anyone ever gone west from Utah before, what are recommended sites to see and do?

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    Default Nebraska, a serene State.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    To me Nebraska, along with a couple of other States, is like a magnet. And like you, I find it hard to put into words. Not sure which is the best time. I have from time to time passed through there at different times, though never in winter. Each season has its appeal.

    Take your time wandering over the minor highways, over the rolling sand hills through the acres and acres of crops. It has a beauty all its own. It is a calming and serene atmosphere/State. There is something to be said for creating your own recommendations in these wide open spaces - geography, geology, history, agriculture, nature, just to mention a few.

    What I would do is check out a good (paper) map and see what attractions appeal to you. See which are marked as scenic routes. Have a look at the map centre on the green bar above for further attractions, and then..... head out and enjoy!


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    Default I like Nebraska

    Hello wish24bone,

    Excepting one difficult traverse, from east to west, which started in a world-class ice storm at Lincoln and ended in a whiteout west of Sidney, I've enjoyed my traverses of Nebraska. I've made 5 passes since July 2010.

    Westernmost NE is high plains/wheat country, much like eastern CO and eastern WY. The panhandle has some butte and mesa topography and a very nice state park at Crawford (Fort Robinson SP). The Nebraska Sandhills occupy the north-central part of the state, some 20,000 square miles of it, and offer landforms found in few other locations in the Lower 48. The Sandhills are grass-stabilized sand dunes which go on for dozens and dozens of miles in every direction. Excepting some parcels of the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey and north of Mullen, it's pretty much all private ranch land but is laces with county and state roads. Hundreds of "pothole" lakes dot the Sandhills, and boldly-flowing streams drain them. The Niobrara River holds National Wild and Scenic status, and the Loup and Dismal Rivers are nice. All 3 are paddled and serviced by rental + shuttle agencies in Valentine and Mullen. A long rail-trail arcs across northeastern NE.

    North of Mullen, the R&R Ranch offers rental houses and cottages and a look at a unique lifestyle. In Mullen there is at least one outfitter who runs the Loup and Dismal Rivers, and there's a highly regarded golf course. Nebraska Route 2 is the "Sandhills Scenic Journey" and runs diagonally across the state from Grand Island to Alliance. Broken Bow, in particular, seems like a nice town to spend some time in.

    I rather suspect this summer's drought has wrought havoc on the crops, so 10' tall cornstalks are probably tough to find. I'd still prefer this time of year to Autumn, and certainly to Winter.

    Hope you have an enjoyable Nebraska Road Trip!


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