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    Default San Fransisco to Monument valley

    hello all, looking for advice please i am travelling to San Fransisco with my dad next May,as my dad is in his 70s i will be doing the driving , here is my plan all advice will be greatly appreciated
    arrive San Fransisco early May stay for four nights , hire car travel to Yosemite Valley stay for two nights then travel to Death Valley as the Tioga Pass will be closed i will have to drive a different route , should i break up journey if so where? i plan to stay at Death Valley for one night then off to Grand Canyon staying there for a night also, then we go to Monument Valley for a night , then travel to Las Vegas . Is this journey possible ? i can extend the driving by a couple of days or so also do not want to be driving non stop will this journey give me enough time to appreciate the scenery , all advice will be helpful

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    Default Good job.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Yes your journey is possible and you have obviously been doing your 'homework' with your planning. It's by no means a 'given' that the Tioga Pass will be closed when you travel, but the earlier it is in May the less chance of it opening. If it is closed I would consider breaking the journey to Death Valley up, perhaps with a detour through Sequoia NP, although it's possible to do it same day, and if you did decide to do so, then I would consider spending night 2 of Yosemite at somewhere like Oakhurst just south of the park.

    I would also consider spending another night at the GC, as you will spend most of the day getting there from Death Valley and next day you will continue to MV, leaving yourself less than a day to explore the park. Out of the east entrance is Cameron Trading post and could be a nice place to stay after a day at the GC. In fact you could consider going from DV to Flagstaff and on to Monument valley next day and then spend a night at Cameron before entering the GC from the east [I think it's nicer this way as you follow the path of the Colorado into the canyon rather than arriving in the middle section from the south] and spending another night in the park or Tusayan/Williams.

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    Default thanks

    cheers Southwest, i've been reading about the drive on the Tioga Pass and it sounds fantastic so we have altered travel plans to the beginning of June to give us a better chance of Pass being open. i love the idea of entering GC from east and going alongside Colorado river , do you have any recommendations for accommodation ,thanks .

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    Default Budget

    It's always nice to stay within the National parks if your budget can take it. If not, I would look at staying one night to the west of the Sierra Nevada for Yosemite [Groveland, Mariposa, El Portal] and your second night to the east of them [Lee Vining, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop]. For Death valley and taking into consideration your onward journey to the GC area I would think Furnace Creek would be a suitable location with popular lodgings. You could then stop in Flagstaff or the interesting 'Cameron Trading post,' before continuing to Monument Valley. At MV there is 'Gouldings Lodge' and Kayenta is nearby, but you could possibly book 2 nights at Cameron, visit MV and set yourself up for a short drive to the east entrance of the GC south rim. As I mentioned, if possible stay the next night in the GC village area, if not Tusayan or Williams would be options.

    We travel by RV, so I can't offer any 'first hand' lodging experiences once you hit the road.
    In SF we did stay at the Buena Vista Motor Inn on the corner of Gough and Lombard which was 'OK' and good value for money. This was a few years ago though so you would have to check it out, although the options in that area were cheaper than in the centre, but not too far from the Piers and Trams. If you are arriving late to SF you could consider an airport Hotel with a free shuttle bus from the airport. The Best Western Grosvenor was a nice Hotel with reasonable rates.

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    Default june

    i have altered travel plans, flights are booked so no turning back now, arrive SF 3rd June so we leave Yosemite on 9th hopefully Pass will be open , we are not due in Vegas until 14th the Cameron Trading Post looks spot on for us going to heed your advice and book in for two days so that gives us three days to get there , so hopefully not to hectic thanks for your advice much appreciated

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