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  1. Default New England Road Trip early Oct 2012

    Hi All,

    I am looking for some help. I have viewed feedback on this site in relation to road trips in this region however admit to being a little overwhelmed therefore have decided to induvidually ask my question in the hope of receiving some wonderful feedback.

    My wife and I are visiting New Engalnd in early Oct 2012. We will be based on Boston and have allocated 6 days for a road trip. We are hoping to see as much variety (fall foliage, mountains, the coast etc) as possible however don't want to spend the 6 days behind the windscreen clocking up the miles and not taking time to get out and enjoy certain areas.

    From what I have reads so far we are looking at leaving Boston:
    Day 1: Boston - mid coast Maine (Portland)
    Day 2: Mid Coast Maine - White Mountains
    Day 3: White Mountains - Green Mountains
    Day 4: Green Mountains - spending the rest of the time making our way to Cape Cod and discovering that area.

    The above is very general and does not include specific towns. From my readings we are interested in seeing at least some covered bridges, fall foliage, driving the Kancamangus Hwy, coastal areas. I also understand, based on the fall foliage patterns, it may make more sense to do this trip in the opposite direction.

    Can anyone please provide :
    1) itinerary that we can fit within 6 days driving that won't involve spending the whole trip behind the windscreen? This itinerary to be specific with highlights along the way not to miss - please bear in mind that this may involve leaving Boston and seeing Cape Code first based on fall foliage patterns.
    2) Offer suggestions where I can find a corresponding map of the region on line. I have seen many of specifc areas e.g. Vermont, Maine etc but have failed to find one that covers the entire region in detail

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    Default New England map from AAA.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Someone will be along shorty, I am sure, to answer your first question. For the second question, my suggestion is to get a copy of the AAA New England (paper) map, which is full of all the main attractions in that area. An excellent map, which you are going to need, along with your electronics, while on the trip. I keep looking at it, but have not yet been north of Boston.


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    Default Some Short Answers

    New England is compact enough that you could fairly easily drive to all the places on your list in a couple of days, so you'll have plenty of time to stroll the woods, towns and coasts of the region. Generally in early October, you're going to find your best color in the northern and mountainous regions of New Hampshire and Maine, with noticeably less color on the coasts. But as long as the Kancamagus Highway (NH-112) and a northern portion of VT-100 are on your itinerary, you should be in fine shape. One resource I would recommend that you avail yourself of is to go on-line and find their Vermont state tourism site and order their state road map. It absolutely, bar none, the best way to find all the covered bridges in the state, and Vermont has some of the most scenic, original, and rustic of the breed. Our own Map Center gives the ability to zoom in/out to any view that suits you from synoptic to detailed, but paper maps have the ability to present both views at once since they are not limited by the dimensions of a view screen. I would strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate state highway, tourism, or economic development bureaus of the states you plan to visit and see what they have available either by mail or at their welcome centers.


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    thanks so much for your insightful and valueable information. Planning a roadtrip from Australia has its challenges therefore have approached the experts for feedback. Again, appreciate your help.

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    Default From one Aussie to Another.

    Quote Originally Posted by moreton888 View Post
    Planning a roadtrip from Australia has its challenges therefore have approached the experts for feedback. Again, appreciate your help.
    One great resource is the reciprical arrangement between automobile clubs worldwide. So if you are a member of the RACV, NRMA, RACQ or similar in other States, be sure to bring your membership with you. This will give you access to free maps, accommodation guides and tourist information in general at the AAA.

    I know it won't be much help with the planning before you come, but you will need a good paper map whilst on the road. If you can let me know which State you are in, I'd be happy to bring one home in late September.


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    Hi Lifemagician,

    You may be my saviour. I am a member of the RACQ in Quuensland. I have called AAA in the States and have emailed their International Relations Dept and am finding it impossible to get my hands on the material I need. I am looking for paper road maps covering Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I am also looking for a Tour Book covering this area as this will have hotel options and attractions listed.

    I am leaving Australia in late Sept and will be in Boston early Oct 2012. Ideally I was hoping to get this info by late August - early Sept to allow me to do some planning. Is there any way you can post this information to me, I am more than happy to pay for any costs incurred in helping me with this? If so we can liase outside the forum to arrange.

    Many thanks

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    Default Happy to oblige.

    Sure. Send me an email with the details. I should be near a AAA in the next week or so. Was actually at one today. lol


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    Thanks for the offer, I have sent you an email with my mailing details.

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