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    Hi! I am looking for some advice on inexpensive/free places to park my truck to sleep as I travel across the country this summer. I left Denver a month ago and am headed to the Jersey Shore via North Dakota, Minnesota, around the Great Lakes, down to Ohio, and through Pennsylvania. From Jersey headed back west through the Gulf. So far, I have been visiting family and friends but will be on my own soon as I enter the Lakes. My truck is set up for easy living but I am finding that even camp grounds can get pricey. While I am willing to pay for some of these grounds in cool areas, Im not planning on paying to sleep every night while on the road. I am a female traveling alone, so safe places to park are a must. Other than Walmart, are there other places that have worked of others?

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    First, I hope you have some way of cooling off the area you are sleeping in, while you sleep. My husband and I had thought about sleeping in the back of our pickup as we crossed the country this summer, but it's not air conditioned. Much of the country has been in a real heat wave this summer. The only place we encountered where sleeping in the back of the truck might have been comfortable, temperature-wise, was Maine. Everything else: too hot!

    The public campgrounds are probably your best bet. Most will be in the neighborhood of $15/night, since you don't need hookups. Look for national forest campgrounds and state/county park campgrounds to be the least expensive. Harder to find, and definitely off the beaten track, are Bureau of Land Management areas. Commercial campgrounds will be $25-up, that's true.

    The only other place I would say would be TRUCK STOPS. Many will welcome overnighters, particularly Flying J and Pilot which cater to not only commercial truckers, but also RV'ers. Ask at the desk where it's okay to park overnight and be sure to do some business with them -- fuel, food, or your shower.

    Wal-Mart, Target, and other businesses often don't mind the overnight parking but their municipal zone doesn't like it.


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    Thanks for the responce and the tips Donna. Yes, I have been considering the heat and was thinking about one of those 12v portable ac units. Do you know anyone who has used them? As this is my first big road trip, I'm sure there are a lot of things that I will be figuring out as I go. I do have finances to stay places but am really trying to camp as much as possible, however I too am concerned about the heat and am doing my best to make the truck suitalbe for it.

    Thanks again!

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