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  1. Default Where to stop for the night or two driving Chicago to Port Canaveral

    Family of 4 with two children (9 & 10) driving down to Port Canaveral for a Disney cruise in August. We've done the drive a few times to Orlando and have taken various routes. Once stopping in Northern Fl for the night and making our way directly to Orlando. The other time, we stopped in Hilton Head for 2 nights before heading to ORL. We are considering taking the Hilton Head way again, but are looking for a different place to stop. We would like to go to the beach, which we loved in HH and eat some good southern food. Someone at work told me to stay clear of Savannah due to it's crime (not sure how true that is or not), but we are looking for a place between Savannah and possibly the Florida border.

    We'll probably leave Chicago around 4am and would like to arrive at our destination no later than 10-11pm, if that's possible. I've heard good things about Jekyll / St. Simons Islands, but have, honestly, not done any research on either.

    All recommendations are appreciated!!!!

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    You plan on driving 16 hours in one day with 2 kids? We strongly recommend that you not do that! Chicago to Canaveral is 2 full days with no sightseeing, it's over 1200 miles. The fastest route is I-57/I-24/I-75, with an overnight in Chattanooga.

    Yes, I realize that you have overextended yourself between Chicago and Orlando before, but that does not make it wise or safe. Professional drivers are limited to 600 miles a day.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I found Savannah to be a lovely city and had no problems at all spending the night there. I can't speak specifically to their crime rate, but would you tell people not to visit Chicago because of the frighteningly high murder rate? Crime is everywhere, but ample use of common sense can help you steer clear of most problems.

    Speaking of common sense, that is also the very reason I'd never in a million years recommend you try to make it from Chicago to Savannah in one day. At nearly 1000 miles, doing such a drive non-stop is far more likely to cause you severe harm than any crime issue, and trying doing such a trip with kids is exactly why so many people think of family roadtrips as a painful experience.

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    My daughter, now an adult, is sitting here telling me that she would have been screaming bloody murder and wanted to crawl out the window if we'd driven 16 hours straight with her at that age. I should add that we often asked our girls to deal with 500-600 mile days, and they did that, two to three days in a row. But NEVER asked them to sit in the car for 1200 miles straight.


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