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  1. Default Pacific Coast Honeymoon in January 2013

    Hey all. New to this site/forum. My fiancee and I are planning on driving the Pacific Coast for our honeymoon in January '13.

    I found a website that describes a route, but with no actual roads/highways/etc. Does anyone know where to get the best (and most scenic, for the most part) route for the route described on this site?? We don't mind the cold or the snow, which is good. We also want to throw the Grand Canyon in there at the end (again, probably cold in Jan.).

    We want both the nature aspect and big cities (Seattle/San Fran/LA/San Diego....). Are there website where I can get the best route? One that is easy for myself to use? (lol)



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    Welcome to RTA! We are completely separate from the website you linked, so here's my suggestion.

    Rather than trying to rely on electronic mapping programs at first, go get yourself a good USA map or atlas. (They're cheap at Wal-Mart.) See what jumps out at you from the Pacific Coast section. The one thing about the coastal regions is that they don't get AS cold as some of the inland sections. However, they will be a little chilly, and I definitely would not plan to do any Pacific Ocean swimming as the water will be cold!

    You could feasibly start from the north and move your way south, and then drive over to the Grand Canyon's South Rim. (There are two accessible rims to the Canyon that are part of the National Park: North and South. The North Rim may be inaccessible in January, none of the facilities are open, AND it's about a 5 hour drive out of Flagstaff to get there. The South Rim has most facilities open, if limited, and is about an hour out of Flagstaff.)

    I suggest going from North to South on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), AKA CA-1. The pullouts are on the western side of the road.

    Hopefully that will get you going on the planning part -- we can't make too many more suggestions without knowing how long you are planning to be gone.


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    Default More Planning Help

    Although these discussions are from a few years ago now, the basic advice and suggestions contained in them are still valid and they cover the area you are considering. I will note that in January, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is completely inaccessible. The South Rim does see significant snow as the rim is at an elevation of around 7,000 feet, but every effort is made to keep the Rim Drive open throughout the winter. But on the other hand, January is a great time to visit Death Valley without the 120º heat!


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    Thanks guys. We plan on being gone about 10 days or so.

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    Default A relaxed trip.

    The beauty with a roadtrip is that you can plan it to suit yourself. Whereas I have done several trips out of Jamie's books, I have always found to be able to see and do all that is written in the dialogue takes considerably longer than stated.

    With 10 days at your disposal, be careful that you do not pack so much into this trip, that the 'honeymoon' gets lost along the way.


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    Default Too early.

    Hello ramkmrt1 and welcome to RTA !

    This trip is planned for January 2013 and the original poster hasn't been active since July so you may not get a respnse to your question.

    Enjoy the RTA site and if you have any trip planning questions you can start your own thread in the relevant forum, if not feel free to jump in and answer any questions you think you can help with.


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