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    Hello everyone, next week we are planning a road trip by car from MA to the Grand Canyon. We have never done this before and have from July 23-Aug 10. We don't want to rush back and forth and are looking for advice on the best route and places to visit along the way. We are familiar with the east coast but really want to experience different parts of our country. Any comments and advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There is no single best route, and certainly when you are talking about a trip that covers 3/4 of the country, the places worth seeing are in the millions.

    Certainly, you'd want to take different routes each direction, so you can see more, different parts of the country, but the specifics have to start with you.

    Really, at this point, the questions would be what are you interested in, and what other things along the way do you know you want to see. The more you can tell us about what you hope to get out of your trip, the more others will be able to help you.

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    Another approach would be to grab a good map of the United States, and start looking to see what jumps out at you on the map as something you'd like to see. On most USA maps, the national parks are quite obvious. Perhaps a city or section of the country will present itself. That's what we do when we are starting to plan a vacation!


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    Default The middle states and minor highways.

    Boston to the south western States is an area I have travelled several times. As Michael states, there are literally millions of options for things to see and do along the way. Get out a good map, and start looking to see what each State through which you traverse, has to offer.

    For one, I would look at choosing the minor highways for a good portion of your trip. So much more to experience than along much of the interstates. Don't overlook all that the middle of the country has to offer. With three weeks, you do have a bit of time to look around.


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