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    I'm in a similar situation to kaylaraine. I'm attending a wedding in Dallas and have some extra time off. I was thinking of driving to Austin because everyone says there's more going on there than in Dallas, but all I can find besides go see the bats and go listen to some bands is way out in the country (Pedernales Falls, Enchanted Rock).

    So here's what I'm wondering: I'm planning to drive from Dallas to Austin after I fly in around noon, and I'm not planning on doing much that evening besides seeing the bats and maybe going to see a band. I'm allowing myself the next day to get from Austin to Fort Worth (I'm hoping to see a rodeo at 8 pm that night). Is there anything in Austin proper I can do? If I leave Austin first thing and go to the natural areas I just mentioned is it worth it? Google estimates drive time would be over six hours, so I don't know if I'd even have time to enjoy the parks. Should I just stay in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and take in Billy Bob's and the stockyards?

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    Default not worth it.. at least probably not

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've moved your post so we can talk specifically about your trip, but I would highly recommend going through the links provided in the previous thread you found.

    Austin certainly has its reputation as a city with great nightlife, especially because of all the great bands. Having said that, I don't think I would make the trip if I were you. If I understand correctly, you're getting in at noon, plan to drive down, and then come back the next day? Despite what google says, you're looking at a minimum of 3.5, and more like 4 hours each way once you factor in traffic. Add in that by the time you get your bags and your rental car, its probably going to be pushing 2 o'clock, and you wouldn't even be getting into Austin until around 6pm. Plus spending 4 hours in a car, after spending all morning in a plane and in airports isn't usually much fun.

    If there was something specific you really wanted to do in Austin, you could make it work, but I get the impression you're thinking this way mostly because you think Austin should be vastly better than DFW in terms of entertainment options.

    Dallas/Fort Worth is a huge area with no shortage of things to do, the question really is what kinds of things are you looking for.

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