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    Default Our first trip to the US(From Sweden), California / Nevada Roadtrip


    Me and my girlfriend went on a euro road trip last year from Sweden to Italy and back.
    That was super fun and took about 3 weeks. This year we really wanted to go to America, we have never been to America before.
    And are really excited to go. As many others we thought of a road trip in California / Nevada.
    I've seen a lot of information online about these types of road trips, and it's a lot of good information.
    But as everybody else I would like to ask my own questions :)

    We are going the last three weeks of October and I made a list of places that we want to go to:
    We are starting out of Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
    Hoover Dam
    Grand Canyon
    Death Valley
    Yosemite National Park
    San Francisco
    Coastal Road back to Los Angeles
    Anaheim and Disney Land.

    First Question:
    Is there any cool stops I could add to the list or between the places that we shouldn't miss?

    Second Question:
    How should we go about planning the route?

    Third Question:
    I would really like to go to see some great American sport like the NFL or Hockey,
    where is the best place to go and where are we most likely to get tickets? How much does it cost?

    Thank you in advance and thank you for a great site with tons of info!

    Best Regards

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    Default Within Reason

    Välkomnande! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The area that you're looking at is one of the most popular RoadTrip areas of the United States, and with good reason. Although mush of it is 'wide open spaces' you are never really more than a day's drive from another great scenic, historic, or just interesting location, and so three weeks to visit 10 or so locations leaves about a day and a half at most of them, even with the driving. The easiest way to include all of the sites you've listed is to do a simple loop trip that would go: Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, and finish up on the coast road back to Los Angeles. You could hit Disneyland either at the start or end of your trip. As for sports, professional teams charge fairly hefty prices. For example, the Los Angeles Kings (hockey) charge around $50 for even the lowest cost tickets, and the San Francisco Fourty-Niners (American Football) will be playing only pre-season (meaningless) games in October. An alternative you might want to consider is college athletics, especially football. Tickets are fairly reasonable and there is a range of levels of play from the PAC-12 through the WAC and MWC to lower division schools. I'd suggest that one of those would prove to be a much better value and perhaps a more "American" experience.


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    I think Buck has the sports seasons reversed.

    October is the middle of the regular season for both the NFL (pros) and College.

    Hockey is just getting started at that time, although their regular season does begin in early October.

    Basketball is in preseason, while Baseball is in the Playoffs.

    I would certainly consider going to a College Football game, as that can be a more exciting in-person experience than the NFL, which is a game really built for TV (although both are fun). I would caution, however, that major college football tickets can and do cost just as much as many professional sports.

    A few options for each sport along your route.
    NFL: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, or San Diego Chargers.
    College Football: USC, UCLA, Cal (Berkeley), or Stanford
    NHL: LA Kings or San Jose Sharks

    Tickets will usually be cheapest from the teams own website, but you can also look at sites like Stubhub which sell on the secondary market.

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    Suggest to fly San Francisco first. You don't need a car in SF. Then from SF get to Yosemite. San Francsico-Yosemite-Death Valley-Las vegas-Zion-Bryce-Page-Grand Canyon-Los Angeles-San Francciso will make a great 3 weeks roundtrip and there are more place to add. From Yosemite you'll drive over Tioga pass. The later you get there in october the bigger the chance Tioga Pass will be (temporarily) closed. Make sure you'll book reservations in both Yosemite and Grand Canyon.

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    Default 2 more National parks ?

    Much will depend on how much time you want to spend at Disney and each place you visit, but a couple of extras you could include and I would recommend are Bryce canyon and Zion NP and possibly include Monument valley. If they were of interest I would head to GC south rim direct from LA and then head through Page AZ [via Monument valley?] to Bryce and Zion NP [or just Zion NP depending on time] and back down I15 to Vegas and then to Death valley, Yosemite, SF and back down the coast. As mentioned above you would need to keep an eye on the Tioga Pass status when travelling at that time of year.

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