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    Default Wichita>Grand Canyon>Yosemite>Monterey>Zion>Moab>Denver>Wichita - 18 Days

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to this website and was reading through some of the summer road trips that are planned and thought I would post to get some feedback on the road trip that my girlfriend and I have planned. We have the dates and locations planned out pretty well just not many activities. We wanted to leave room for planning on the fly with the exception of a few things that are listed below. The spots where we don't have tons planned are at Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Zion, and Moab. We are planning on taking our mountain bikes with us and camping in most locations. All locations that have a camping listed have reserved campsites. Any feedback on the plan, roadside America must do's and don'ts, or any suggestions to make this road trip a success would be appreciated.

    Day 1 & 2 - Drive to Grand Canyon arriving on Day two. Plan on arriving as early as possible the second day.
    Day 3 and 4 - Spend the day at the Grand Canyon at the South Rim camp ground. Any suggestions on things we must do? We would like to hike down one of the trails a few miles to get a different perspective on the canyon and will also ride our bikes along some of the paved rim trails.
    Day 5 - Drive to Yosemite and camping at Tuolomne Meadows
    Day 6 - Spend day in Tuolomne Meadows - Open for suggestions on what to do
    Day 7 - Drive to Yosemite Valley and backpack up to Little Yosemite Valley
    Day 8 - Hike Half Dome and back out to Yosemite valley returning to Tuolomne Meadows (I believe that sense we have a wilderness permit we are able to camp somewhere in Yosemite Valley near the trail head if we did not want to drive back to Tuolomne Meadows which might make it easier for next leg of the trip)
    Day 9 - Spend day at Yosemite and Drive to Monterey mid-afternoon staying in Hotel
    Day 10 - Spend Day in Monterey and go to the Aquarium, Any suggestions for other things to do?
    Day 11 - Drive along Highway 1 and Big Sur spending the day in various locations ending in Bakersfield, CA to stay the night. Suggestions on place to visit or beaches to hang out on?
    Day 12 - Drive Kabersfield to Zion and camp
    Day 13 - Spend Day in Zion -
    Day 14 - Leave mid afternoon to Moab - camping/hotel/hostel
    Day 15 - Planned rappelling into caverns near Moab
    Day 16 - Rafting in the morning
    Day 17 - Drive to Denver
    Day 18 - Drive to Wichita
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    Default A Couple of 'Hiccups'

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You cannot drive from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite in a day. It's over 800 miles, much of it on non-Interstate roads. Simply not going to happen. Similarly, Zion to Denver is over 625 miles, far more than you should be contemplating tying to drive normally, let alone after several days of strenuous physical activity. You simply have to allow more time for these major drives if you expect to do them safely and enjoyably. Otherwise, your plan looks fine.


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    Default RE: Couple of Hiccups

    From Grand Canyon to Yosemite it is little under 700 miles since we are going up through Death Valley. Are the roads primarily two lane highways? We also thought about leaving Grand Canyon a day early to drive some of the way to Las Vegas for the night or little further. We figured that a lot of the spectacular things to do at Grand Canyon are going to require more than a couple days to complete like a rafting or rim to rim trip. Would this be a better?

    Additionally we are spending a few days in Moab between Zion on Denver which is going to split up the drive. Any ideas on road side America or must see's?

    Thanks for the feedback

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    You can't drive from the GC to Yosemite in 1 day no matter which way you go. Even LV to Yosemite through DV is a bit of a stretch in 1 day if you want to see anything in DV.

    I also wouldn't plan on camping anywhere near LV or DV in the summer, it's way too hot.

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    You are correct that going from Grand Canyon to Yosemite via Death Valley is just under 700 miles. However, that is still not a one day drive. You might consider overniting in Independence which would be 507 miles from Grand Canyon Village. From Henderson to Independence is going to be almost all two-lane. I'm not certain about US 395 from Indepence north - there may be some four-lane. Route 120, Tioga Pass Road, is definitely a winding, two-lane mountain road and very slow going.

    When you say a "rim to rim trip," I'm not sure what you mean but if you mean hiking from rim to rim, you should know that it is a 23 mile hike and is for very experienced hikers. When we were last there, we had a nice visit with a young man who was preparing to make the hike. He had been there for several days doing some "practice" hikes and he was figuring on the rim to rim hike taking three to four days. You should be able to get some hiking info at Grand Canyon Nat'l Park.

    Other than that, your plan looks like a good one and appears to be the foundation for a wonderful trip.

    Have A Great Trip

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    There's not much in Independence - Lone Pine is a much better bet - and Bishop is better yet.

    395 is a reasonably fast road, primarily 2 lane with passing lanes on the upgrades.

    I'd be inclined to stay in lodging in DV itself. This would break it up quite well and give you some time to explore DV. GC to Furnace Creek is about 400 miles and Furnace Creek to Yosemite Village is about 300 miles. Very early morning is the best time to explore DV, before it gets hot as Hades.

    EDIT: As an example, today's forecast high in DV is 125F. The forecast tonight is still 101F at 1am, with a low of 95F at 5am. Right now it's 10:25am and it's 111F. Tomorrow it will be 103F at 8am.
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