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    Hi guys
    I am planning trip starting in Pheonix and finishing in San Fransico. Could someone suggest the best sites to see and stay in as I am even more confused after reading a number of trips that others have done. I am going with my wife and two teenage boys so don't really want to spend all day in the car. I plan to arrive on the 26th July and stay in Pheonix for 3 night when we arrive to meet some friends. We've been to the Grand Canyon on a previous trip so don't mind missing this. I would like to visit the following sites, Vegas / Death Valley / Sequoia National park / Yosemite and end up in San Fransico on the 3rd August to spend 4 nights before head back on the 7th August. If some of the site are not possible please let me know

    Thanks in advance for your advise as this is the first road trip we have been on (hopefully not the last)

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    As I read your itinerary, You'll be leaving Phoenix on July 29th and arriving in San Francisco on August 3rd, giving you six days for the drive. Now, the actual driving bit will take about 2½ days worth of your time, so you'll have plenty of time and won't have to "spend all day in the car" on any of those days. You've also already picked out some of the best attractions en route so my comments are going to be a bit minimal. The drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas is relatively short, so you can either make a small detour to Oatman,or visit Hoover Dam, or both. On the day that you head out of Las Vegas for Death Valley, I strongly suggest a very early start (before sunrise) so that you can get to the Valley and enjoy(?) it while it is still relatively cool. After about 10:00 AM or so, you are not going to want to be out in the sun for any appreciable amount of time, and even in an air-conditioned car be sure that you have plenty of gas and water at all times. The easiest way to get to the Valley from Vegas is to use the "local's route" which is NV-160 from the southern portion of town to Parhump, make a left on Bell Vista Ave. about 2-3 miles after passing the NV-372 junction, and then follow that onto Ash Meadows Road, State Line Road (in California), and CA-190 on up into the Valley.

    Once it gets too hot for you in Death Valley, continue on CA-190, exiting to the west and picking up US-395 south to skirt around the Sierra Nevada on CA-178/CA-155 past Isabella Lake to CA-65 north. That puts you in shape to visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon POarks on the Generals Highway (CA-198/CA-180). So. a day to drive to Vegas, a day there, a day to drive through Death Valley to Sequoia, a day there, a day to drive to and enjoy Yosemite, and a final day to drive to San Francisco, that's your six days, and not a hurried one in the bunch.


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