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    Default Road Trip San Francisco to Las Vegas

    Hi Fellow American Roadtrippers!

    I am new to this so hopefully I am doing this right... I am from England and have never been to America, my Mother is planning a trip to Las Vegas June 2013 for her 50th Birthday with all the family and some friends.
    As I have never been to America before I would like to see as much as we can so my 2 friends and myself came up with the idea of flying to San Francisco then hiring a car (preferably a Mustang ;-)) then driving down the coast to LA then San Diego then on the Las Vegas to meet the rest of the Family.
    We wanted to spend about 7days driving then 7 days in Las Vegas.
    Has anyone done this????
    I really need as much info as possible as like I said before I have never been America before and although I have done some internet research I would like to hear from people who have actually done this!
    So... Who are the best(cheapest) car hire company?
    me and my friends are 28 years old, is it safe for 3 (youngish) girls to do this sort of road trip?
    do we book motels on the way or book them before we get there?? rough cost of motels???
    where are the best places to visit between San Francisco and Vegas???
    Is the time scale between San Francisco to Vegas realistic??

    sorry for the long message... thanks for taking the time to read this, I will be greatful for any info

    Hayley :-)

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    Welcome to RTA! There are quite a few of us who are experienced road trippers. Everyone's trips are going to be different -- yours should reflect you and your interests (and that of your 2 companions). That said:

    The cheapest car rental will be different for everyone. You might try for a reasonable rate that perhaps will cut out the cost of a one-way rental.

    The three of you are just as safe there as you are at home, IF you keep your wits about you. Try not to draw attention to yourselves or do something that flashes. Lock the car when you get out of it, keep valuables out of sight, etc.

    Booking motels is usually not needed except when in a touristy area or traveling at premium times (like 3 day weekends). If your trip does not come around the 4th of July, you'll be fine.

    Rough cost of motels: anywhere from $55 on up for 3 people, one room 2 beds. Use the planner on this website or coupon books found at visitor centers for great rates.

    I see nothing wrong with your time scale. As a matter of fact, the only thing that made me shudder a little was the idea of 3 people AND their luggage in a Mustang. Might be a wee-bit crowded!

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    Default Once or Twice

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Hayley v
    San Francisco to Las Vegas - Has anyone done this????
    As it happens, that is the most often discussed itinerary on these forums, so there are lots of previous discussions that you can go through for some ideas and insights. Here's a starter set.. But to answer some of your specific questions:

    There is no single best rental car company. The rate will depend on the state of their fleet at the moment, the day of the week, any promotions they may be running, and any number of other factors. Your best bet is simply to comparison shop like crazy. Be sure to check the fine print about one-way fees, extra driver fees, etc., especially if you plan to leave the car somewhere other than where you pick it up. Our European visitors can sometimes get some of these fees waived by booking through a European consolidator. Note that a Mustang (I'm presuming a convertible, no?) will be a "specialty" class car and so not cheap. Also note that you will not be guaranteed a Mustang, but "or similar".

    There is almost never a need ot book ahead in the US, especially in this depressed economy, but on the other hand if you know you're going to be in a certain area on a certain date, it behooves you to do your shopping ahead of time so that you can read reviews, check prices, and otherwise have one less thing to do while you're trying to relax on holiday.

    Since you plan to spend a week in Las Vegas, I will note a few day trips that you can take from there. Valley of Fire is a scenic local state park. The originalLondon Bridge has been transported stone by stone and re-assembled in Lake Havasu City - worth a visit if just to see what Americans think is 'typically British'. and the Grand Canyon can be gotten to in a day, although to really appreciate it, you'll need a bit of time. Planning to spend one night near it would let you experience the Canyon at both sunset and sunrise. Spectacular.


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    Thank you both for taking the time to read my questions and replying, I have taken on board what you have said an no doubt will be asking more questions nearer the time. :)

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    Default Nature ?

    Is your trip 14 days in total ? I wonder as you say 7 days driving and 7 days in Vegas, but if you are flying into SF that would be worthy of 2-3 days to explore this wonderful City. Rather than spending all your time in the City[s] [SF,LA,SD,LV] have you considered some of natures great creations ? As mentioned by Donna it's your interests that matter, but for me a trip to Yosemite and across Death valley after heading down part of the scenic coast road would represent 'best'. Yosemite is one of those places that you would need to book in advance to guarantee a spot within the park, but there would be other options outside. It's a truly wonderful place !

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    Flying to San Francisco on June 9th 2013 and flying home from Vegas on June 26th 2013, My 1st post stated that there will be 3 of us doing this roadtrip but there is only 2 of us doing it now, very excited.

    Doing lots of research now - any advice would be muchly appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    Default Happy days !

    Great news, exciting times ahead !

    You will find endless amounts of info on the region by searching the forums and digging around the planning pages. You can use the search function or simply start by scrolling to the bottom of this page where you will find 'Similar' threads. Open one and repeat as many times as you wish.

    Here are some of our favourites to help get you started.

    Once you have the basics layed down we can help to fill in the blanks and answer any further questions.

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    Thanks you very much, will start researching now.

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