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    Default Danish family round trip in an RV for the first time June/July 2013.

    Danish family round trip in an RV for the first time June/July 2013.
    Thanks for a great forum. We are a Danish family of 5 and are planning a round trip to the USA in an RV. We are 3 adults and 2 children (9 and 6 years).

    Start in LA where we are 2-3 days with a visit to a park (Disney or Universal or another theme park).
    Day 4. First day of mobile home. Driving north of Highway 1. The first day: max 155 miles, since we have to buy food etc.
    Day ?: Forward to San Francisco 1-2 days in San Francisco.
    Day ?: Yosemite
    Day ?: Sequoia National Forest?
    Forward to Las Vegas. 1-2 days in Vegas
    Day ?: Grand Canyon
    Day ?: Lake Havasu City
    Day ?: Joshua Tree National Park
    Day ?: San Diego. 2 days in San Diego (Sea World and San Diego zoo watching the panda bears – this is mandatory according to our 9 year old daughter!!)
    Day ?: Los Angeles. 1-2 days in Los Angeles incl. a visit at Disney or Universal or other theme park.
    We expect to have 25 days in the U.S. for this tour. This is only a rough idea so if anyone has suggestions for other sites, stops or theme parks, there are more than welcome. We are looking for a mixture of nature experiences and fun for the children.

    Fam. Mogensen

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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    You'll want to allow a couple of days for Yosemite. That should be something you figure out early on, because putting the RV in Yosemite makes it so much more fun. You'll need to get reservations right when they open for your date, to make that happen.

    One day for Sequoia National Park, should be sufficient.

    I would say at least two days in Grand Canyon, if not more.

    There's a whole thread that I wrote awhile back, about San Diego. Here it is. As for LA, there is Disneyland and California Adventure -- at least 2 days at the combined parks, or 3 if you've never been to either one. Universal Studios is a day. Knotts Berry Farm is great if you like thrill rides like upside down (and tall) roller coasters. Then there is the Hollywood thing, such as walking down the Walk of Fame (free!), going up to the Hollywood Sign, and more. We enjoyed the La Brea Tar Pits, though they're difficult to find and have NO parking for a motorhome.

    Speaking of that: though San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Disney, and Universal all have parking available for motorhomes, they will charge you extra for the privilege.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    One day for Sequoia National Park, should be sufficient.
    Donna - I'm curious as to why you say only one day for Sequoia. We're heading that way in August and I've planned on three days for Sequoia/Kings Canyon. Is that overkill?

    Cantel - I would suggest that if you plan on camping at Grand Canyon, you make your reservations as soon as possible. I'm not a camper but I know lodging reservations at the Canyon book up far in advance and I suspect the same is true for camping spots.

    Have A Great Trip!!

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    Default Sequoia etc

    One day is enough to drive through Sequoia, if you're just planning to see the main attractions, like General Sherman and other biggest of the big trees and other viewpoints along the Generals Highway (CA-198). I'd guess that is probably what the majority of visitors do. However, if you also want to head back into King Canyon and see that whole area of the park, then at least another day is really needed, and if you've got more time in any national park, its really never a bad thing.

    A couple other notes about Sequoia, you might consider going there before Yosemite. While it does seem like backtracking to do it first, there is no direct crossing of the Sierra's from Sequoia. If you do Sequoia first, then going to Yosemite, you can leave Yosemite via Tioga Pass, which really is its own attraction as a scenic drive. That also would set you up quite nicely to drive through Death Valley on the way to Vegas (check with your RV company about possible restrictions for DV in the summer). If you go to Yosemite first, then Sequoia, you basically have to head down to Bakersfield/Lake Isabella to get across the mountains. Also note that Sequoia has been doing some road construction that is limiting larger RVs from using the South Entrance to the park. You can find more info here, although I don't know if it will still be an issue in 2013.

    Other thoughts on your trip:
    I'd plan at least 2 nights along the coast, especially spending one full day in the monterey area, and I'm sure your kids would enjoy the Aquarium there (they might even find it more interesting than sea world).

    If you have time, After Vegas you might consider heading up into Utah, and visit places like Zion NP, Lake Powell, maybe even Monument Valley, before continuing to the Grand Canyon.

    Charlie's advice about camping at the Grand Canyon is true, and I'd take it a step further and recommend trying to get reservations at all the national parks you plan to visit (with special note to Grand Canyon and Yosemite), as sites in the parks can and do often fill up quickly.

    Finally, having said all that, you might consider reversing your entire trip! Driving south along the coast can be a little easier, since the ocean and all the turn outs are then on your side of the road. Not essential, and you might want to keep it as is so San Diego/Disney remain at the end of your trip, but something to consider.

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    Default Danish family round trip in an RV for the first time June/July 2013 " updated version

    Hi again
    Thanks for your great suggestions.
    Death Valley is unfortunately not an option due to policy of RV Company.
    Based on your comments I have updated our plan and put in to a time frame. With a little help from Google maps. Link is here

    24-06-2013 1 ARV. LA
    25-06-2013 2 LA - Downtown/Hollywood
    26-06-2013 3 LA – Universal studio
    27-06-2013 4 LA getting RV going to Solvang. 128 mil – 2H 23 min.
    28-06-2013 5 Monterey - Aquarium 203 mil - 4 H 2 min.
    29-06-2013 6 SFO 119 mil – 2 H 10 min.
    30-06-2013 7 SFO
    01-07-2013 8 SFO
    02-07-2013 9 Yosemite 189 mil – ca. 3 H 51min
    03-07-2013 10 Yosemite
    04-07-2013 11 Yosemite
    05-07-2013 12 Sequoia National Forest 243 mil – ca. 5 H 58 min
    06-07-2013 13 Sequoia National Forest
    07-07-2013 14 Vegas 326 mil – ca. 6 H 25 min
    08-07-2013 15 Vegas
    09-07-2013 16 Zion national Park 164 mil – ca. 2 H 51 min
    10-07-2013 17 Grand canyon 252 mil – ca. 5 H 0 min
    11-07-2013 18 Lake Havasu City 232 mil – ca. 3 H 57 min
    12-07-2013 19 Joshua Tree National Park 151 mil – ca. 3 H 9 min
    13-07-2013 20 San Diego 164 mil – ca. 3 H 5 min
    14-07-2013 21 San Diego – San Diego Zoo
    15-07-2013 22 San Diego – Sea world
    16-07-2013 23 San Diego
    17-07-2013 24 LA 121 mil – ca. 2 H 6 min
    18-07-2013 25 LA – Disneyland
    19-07-2013 26 Home

    Please feel free to comment and also if you have any good ideas for RV campgrounds on our way.
    Question regarding Zion and Grand canyon is one day enough or should we take one day from Yosemite and move it to Zion or GC.

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    I think things look for for the most part with a couple of notes:

    First, you've misplaced Sequoia National Park. You currently have yourself going to the Sequoia National Forest, which is not the same as the National Park. The biggest factor is that means you'll have a full day drive to Vegas the next day.

    I certainly think you'll need more time for Grand Canyon if you're coming from Zion.

    Finally, keep in mind that Google estimates are notoriously over-optimistic. Your actual travel times will likely be about 20% higher, especially along the Coast Highway.

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    Default It Might Be Enough

    As I read your itinerary, you plan to arrive at Grand Canyon sometime in the afternoon on July 10 and then drive to Lake Havasu City on July 11. If that's correct and there is nothing you planning on doing between Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu, that could give you another half day or so at Grand Canyon and that might be enough if you don't plan on any serious hiking in to the Canyon. If there is anything in Lake Havasu City that would warrant getting there in a hurry, I must of missed it and I see no reason to be in a rush to get there. The only thing I found of any interest was London Bridge and it does not require a lot of time.

    Having said that, I would point out that between Williams, Arizona and Lake Havasu City, is one of the most popular sections of Route 66 which runs through Seligman, Peach Springs, Kingman over Sitgreves Pass and in to Oatman, Arizona. Oatman in particular would be a great time for the kids. Oatman is an old mining town that has reinvented itself as a tourist attraction. Wild burros which are descendents of the burros left behind when the mines closed, wander the streets begging food. Each day about noon, they stage a "gunfight" in the street that is great fun.

    If at all possible, I'd recommend trying to squeeze in another day between Zion and Lake Havasu.

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    Hi again
    Big thanks to Michael, Donna and Charlie for your inputs.
    I have updated our trip with your comments and are looking for campgrounds
    So if you know any good once that you can recommend along our route, please feel free to
    do so.
    ARV. LA
    LA- Downtown /Hollywood
    LA– Universal studio
    LA getting RV going to Solvang. 128 mil – ca. 2 H 23 min.
    Monterey- Aquarium 203 mil - ca. 4 H 2 min.
    Monterey -SFO 119 mil – ca. 2 H 10 min.
    Yosemite 189 mil – ca. 3 H 51 min.
    Wuksachi way Sequoia National Park 171 mil – ca. 3 H 51 min.
    Calico Ghost Town 279 mil – ca. 5 H 24 min. (Calico Ghost Town & Campground
    Vegas 144 mil – ca. 2 H 25 min. (KOA Circus Circus )
    Zion national Park 164 mil – ca. 2 H 51 min.
    Grand canyon 252 mil – ca. 5 H 0 min. (Grand canyon Trailer village )
    Grand canyon
    Oatman /Lake Havasu City 200 mil – ca. 3 H 35 min. / 54 mil 1 H 15 min.
    Joshua Tree National Park 151 mil – ca. 3 H 9 min.
    Desert Hills Premium Outlets /San Diego 60 mil - 1 H / 105 mil – ca. 2 H
    San Diego - San Diego Zoo
    San Diego - Sea World
    San Diego
    LA -Disneyland 121 mil – ca. 2 H 6 min.

    Or if you think that we are missing somethings

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    Default Need Some Clarification

    Quote Originally Posted by Cantel View Post
    Grand canyon 252 mil – ca. 5 H 0 min. (Grand canyon Trailer village )
    Grand canyon
    Oatman /Lake Havasu City 200 mil – ca. 3 H 35 min. / 54 mil 1 H 15 min.
    I'm not sure whether you're planning on Grand Canyon to Lake Havasu City in one day or if you're looking at overniting in Oatman.

    If the former, you're looking at a 270 mile day if you go Route 66 via Williams, Seligman, Peach Springs and Oatman. This is not impossible but it would be a very long day. Seligman to Kingman, Arizona is a two lane road where you would be very lucky to average 50 MPH and at the very least you would want to figure on stops in Seligman and Hackberry. The kids would get a big kick out of a stop at the Snow-Cap Drive In in Seligman. Kingman to Oatman over Sitgreves Pass is a very old, winding mountain road with no guardrails. Figure on 30 MPH. Oatman to Topock where you would pick up I-40 is comparatively straight but still not a high-speed road. How large an RV are you going to have? If too large, it would probably not be wise to take it over Sitgreves Pass. The alternative would be to take I-40 from Kingman to Topock and then take Highway 10 north to Oatman. This would be a little further but probably just as quick.

    If the latter, I have doubts that you would find camping facilities in Oatman. It is a little town that pretty much pulls in the sidewalks about 5 PM. You can look at Oatman but I find nothing about camping facilities. Perhaps you've alreay found camping facilities in Oatman? You might consider overniting in Kingman. This would give you a full day to do Kingman to Lake Havasu via Oatman.

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    Charlie, old 66 from Seligman to Kingman is 4 lanes in a lot of places and except through a couple of towns, the speed limit is 65.

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