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    Default Camping road tips

    Hi guys,

    I need your suggestions about summer camping trips. I don't have experiences when it comes to camping. By the way I also want to know some basic items to bring..thanks...
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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    Some basic guidelines for "car camping" gear is here. By "car camping", we mean when you drive someplace and then tent-camp (instead of "backpacking", meaning you hike to where you want to camp).

    Before attempting any road trip with camping, be sure that you've tried out camping closer to home. Nothing quite like getting 600 miles from home, setting up a tent, and finding that you've forgotten some essential equipment!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Define Camping.

    Are you thinking of throwing a tent in your car and pull up to campsites along the way?
    Are you planning to use an RV or Travel Trailer?
    Do you want to hike deep into the backcountry and set up camp?
    Are you planning to use camping simply as a way to reduce your lodging expenses, or is camping something you want to do as its own form or recreation?

    Tell us about what you are thinking and what you want to do so we can help give you the information that would be most helpful for your plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenanDarcy View Post
    Hi guys,

    I don't have experiences when it comes to camping.
    I would strongly suggest making a camping trip closer to home if you have not done this before.

    For my trips, which generally include "car camping" as Donna defined, the two most important things are a good air mattress and a quiet site, away from busy highways. Many campgrounds seem to be located next to busy highways now, most likely to capture the more profitable RV-driving clientele. Since a lot of those folks close up their rigs and turn on the air conditioning, the proximity to a busy road isn't as much of a factor for them.

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    Here's a few items. Most things you'll think of like clothes, tent, cooler. There are other things that will improve the camping experience.

    1. Small axe or hatchet to chop the fire wood to smaller pieces. Waterproof matches and/or lighter. One with the gear and one in the car.

    2. Camping chair. Most sites you find will have a picnic table, but the chair is easier to move.

    3. Air Mattress. This one's up in the air for me. You'll need one with a good solid pump otherwise the mattress may not be filled properly and can be uncomfortable.

    4. Pillow(s). Blankets. A sheet for the air mattress.

    5. Paper towels and toilet paper. Yes, most pit toilets are stocked with it, but you never know.

    6. Duct tape. Tents are waterproof, but by not means, water tight. Your tent will most likely start leaking near the bottom seams from being pulled too tight. If there's a drip from above, the fly will have to be adjusted.

    7. Tent stakes. Tents will have them, but remember to stake your tent before heading into town for food or the trails. I got lucky my 1st time in Colorado. When I came back, the tent had blow 50 yards and was up against a tree. another foot to the right and the tent would have been in the lake.

    8. Batteries. First Aid Kit. Lamp for tent. I can walk in the dark, but sitting in the tent getting ready for sleep, I need a light for reading, tuning the radio, etc...

    9. Insect repellent. I haven't had many issues with them, and try to avoid camp sites that have them. Mosquitoes.

    10. Fire Starters. You can make these at home before the trip. Cotton balls dipped in melted wax. They'll burn 5 minutes. Enough time to get the kindle going. You can use citronella wax if you like for some mosquito protection.

    Have a great time. Camping is awesome!

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