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  1. Default from toronto to disney world, PROPANE FUEL STATIONS FOR CAR(AUTO) ON THE WAY.

    hi, i'm driving down to disney world from toronto and i've got few questions if someone can help me with that....
    1. how is weather like while driving all the way to orlando, is this the rainy season or mild?
    2. my van has PROPANE (LPG) fuel system as well ,so is there any propane (LPG) fuel stations on the way as well.I'm not talking about the propane cylinders for BBQ.

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    Default Alt fuels.

    Hi, and Welcome to the The Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    For alternative fuels, including LPG, check out this site.

    I put 'LPG stations USA' in google, it brought up a list of sites.


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    thankx a lot for the instant reply,one more thing ,do u know if there is any good outlet mall on the way as we'll be 79, 77 and then 95. thankx

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    I am sure there are plenty of outlet malls on the way. Here are two I have been to on your way:

    1) Grove City, PA
    2) Washing, PA

    You can check out some of the sites below for exact location:


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